What's New Archive - August '03

8/24/03 - More show reviews! Dani sent one in for the Sioux Falls show, archived reviews from Sioux Falls, Louiseville, Appleton, Rockford and the Today Show taping. UberGoo sent in 2 net reviews...one from the Witchita show...Goo Goo Dolls rock a diehard crowd and the other from the Appleton show... Goo Goo Dolls seek to reclaim roots at PAC concert. Thanks for all you're doing UberGoo! You rock!

The rest of the tabs for the Gutterflower album have been added... What A Scene, Up, Up, Up, and Think About Me.

8/16/03 - Darren sent in a short review of the Springfield, IL show and Lisa sent one in for the Rapid City show if you wanna read. Thanks for the additions Darren and Lisa. More reviews have been archived as well...Fort Yates, Springfield and Des Moines.

Sunshine was added to the AIM chat directory and Babs to the Yahoo directory. Some spring cleaning took place in the Trading Board and a new entry added.

More tabs... Truth Is A Whisper, You Never Know and What Do You Need? have been added.

8/13/03 - It's review gallor night here at WOG. Amy sent in Show Reviews for Tinley Park, the Chicago Metro and Cincinnati. Many I've finished archiving...Philadelphia, Winter Park, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Detroit, Minneapolis, Foxboro, Hartford, Saratoga Springs, Rapid City and Fort Yates. UberGoo sent in a good show review off the net from the Nobelsville, Indiana show... Indy Review as well. Many more to come. If you have a review you'd like to contribute from a current or even past show...or a "professional" type of show review off the net...send them in via the Feedback Form or our email.

Updating still continues...so if you've asked us to put up something in the Trading Board for you...you should've received an email asking if you wanted to still be on it. Many of those emails were sent back undeliverable. If I don't hear back from you saying you want to stay on the board, your entry will be removed. The Request Page now says to please put how long you would like your entry to stay up.

Tabs! Ok...so we're way too late to get really excited. Anyways...the beginning of Gutterflower guitar tabs are going up...Big Machine, Here Is Gone, Sympathy, Smash, Tucked Away and It's Over now grace the pages of the WOG Tabs section. More to go up soon. A new, little addition has been added to the Tabs section as well...Tablature book links...they take you straight to where you can buy one if you so desire. I own the Gutterflower tab book...well worth the bucks...tons of stuff...enough to make your head explode in fact!

Some additions to the Chat Directories...Tiffany, Bobbi Jo, Andrea and Zen joined the AIM section and Vanessa, Kim, Jodi and Hosi joined Yahoo. The Trading Board has a few new entries too.

I got happy with the "New" gif...you can now see what's considered new to go up throughout the site. Doesn't necessarily mean the item is new...just something I put up recently is all.

8/1/03 - How bout a contest winner? After a random draw...Lynzee Wheeler...you're now the proud of owner of a Saturn ION poster, a Dizzy Up The Girl promo poster, and a japanese Gutterflower tour flyer! You were the first person in the huge list of emails i opened my eyes to. Congrats!

Itzel, Cynthia and Kelley have been added to the Chat Directories and another addition to the Trading Board has been put up.

A bunch of show reviews I'm in the process of getting up. You can check out another Oxygen goo concert taping sent in by Angela for now.

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