What's New Archive - August '01

8/29/01 - Today I've added Wangphay to the ICQ Chat Directory, Scott to the AIM Chat Directory, and Kid Goo to the Yahoo Chat Directory. Add these people to your lists!

8/28/01 - I've just received word from Eva that the new message board is (unofficially) up! It's a pretty big improvement from what the old one used to be like. Don't take my word for it, visit the new board yourself!

This summer has been a long one for me; I've been gone almost every week from Sunday thru Friday, so as you know, the updates have been sparse. But I promise to change that, now that my summer 'trips' are over. :)

The Goos are in Rolling Stone magazine once again! This time, it's an article about the Goos' upcoming album! A must-read!

8/2/01 - New press release about the Goos' next album!! Awesome news!! Fall 2001 release date!



For immediate release
Aug 2, 2001

Multi-platinum recording artists the Goo Goo Dolls will begin recording new songs for their seventh album this week in a Los Angeles studio. Tentatively titled Gutterflowers, it is the groupís first studio album in over three years. Rob Cavallo (Dizzy Up the Girl) will handle production duties for the Warner Bros. recording, which has an estimated Fall, 2001 release date.

Songwriters John Rzeznik (guitar, vocals) and Robby Takac (bass, vocals), and bandmate Mike Malinin (drums) have been rehearsing the new material over the past few months and are looking forward to life in the studio. "Itís been three years since weíve recorded any new songs, and thatís a long time for us," says Takac. "We really love the creative process and all that goes into recording an albumís worth of songs. As soon as weíre finished in the studio, weíll be ready to head out on tour."

The Goo Goo Dolls most recent venture in the studio was to remix songs for What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art & Commerce (1987-2000), their twenty-two song collection released in May, 2001. Prior to that, the band toured for over two years in support of their 1998 release, Dizzy Up the Girl. With over one million plays at radio, Dizzy produced two No. 1 hits, "Iris" and "Slide", and three Top 10 hits, "Black Balloon", "Dizzy" and "Broadway". To date, Dizzy Up The Girl has sold over five million copies worldwide. The Goo Goo Dolls have been nominated for four GRAMMY Awards and have received numerous songwriting and radio airplay awards from ASCAP, BMI and other distinguished music industry organizations.

Further information on Gutterflowers, including song titles, audio soundbites, special guest appearances and in-studio updates will be available on the bandís website at googoodolls.com.

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