What's New Archive - June '03

6/28/03 - 7 more Show Reviews have been put up from the Gutterflower tour...Charlotte NASCAR, Phoenix, Anaheim and Sacramento...so many more to come.

Now how about a contest? It's been months. I have an All Access pass signed by all 3 goo boys from the Sacramento, CA Jingle Ball show at Arco Arena on December 14, 2002 ! Sa-weeet! If you'd like to put yourself in the running for it...you must play indentify the promo pic.

Examine this pic... Looky

Go to googoodolls.com and find the promo pics...surf the entire site while your at ;)

Decide which pic you think it is and send in the pic number only with your name to the site mail or the feedback form. If you don't follow the directions, you will be disqualified!

On a side note...just so everyone understands...my focus right now is to update this site. I'm not in a place to start up new features, change the colors, do daily updates...all that stuff will come in time. So please be patient and not send us comparison to this site or that emails or rip us up over the site no longer being the way it used to be. Things change...stuff happens...WOG has had a hard knock of it...after 6 years, it's about time they did if you ask me. k...thanks.

6/27/03 - New tour dates have been added to the Tours & Concerts section so be checking those out to catch a show in your area. Many additions to the Chat Directories have been put up... Gail, Ari, Allison, Melissa, Jim, Scott C., Mike and Kyla have been added to the AIM directory. Melissa, Ari and Jodie were added to the Yahoo directory...plus several more additions back in May that I was unable to announce. A few new entries to the Trading Board have been added since May too.

The new Message Board was added last monday with some new improvements and features. It's the best place to ask goo questions and get info, find new goo pals and concert mates, sell show tickets, scope out goo pics, and just have a heck of a lot of fun yappin! So if you're looking for the action, come visit and join up.

Updating continues here at the WOG site...the Lyrics section now includes Gutterflower! Don't pass out from shock now, k? ;) EOAC is almost done and by request, the American Girl lyrics are up there as well. Tabs for Gutterflower are in the organization process...I got them all. Plus a new addition from a guy named Adrian...he was kind enough to send an acoustic Iris tab to share...give it a whirl. If anyone out there has "A Thousand Words" tab by chance...gimme! Any tabs we don't have would be groovy too so if you feel like sharing, send em and I'll post em...site mail

Come back later...I'll have some more concert reviews up and... a contest!

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