What's New Archive - May '02

5/30/02 - The Goo Goo Dolls will be on VH1's STORYTELLER series this SUNDAY at 7pm EDT / 6pm CDT!! To get a sneak preview of the show, go to this VH1.com web page to watch 2 movie clips!! Thanks to those of you who sent this news in to me.

5/27/02 - Carter Francis recently attended a Goo Goo Dolls concert, and took note of things such as the set list and the guitars and basses used. Check out his review here!

5/22/02 - I just spent a few hours writing about 10 CGI scripts to totally automate the ShowBoard process. If you're planning on going to a Goo Goo Dolls concert, it's a great idea to find out who else is going, and to get in contact with them before the show. That's where our ShowBoard comes in! Now, to be added to it, you just simply fill out the form on the Request Page and you will be promptly added.

5/17/02 - To the AIM Chat Directory I have added the following: Paul, Sam, Holly, Fidel, Angelique, Fisher, Neil, Paige, Lisa, Amanda, Kacy, Lacye, Brandi, Kirsten, Amanda, Christina, Robin, Tanya, Sara, Kevin, Bob, Lynn, Chrissi, Ryan, Heidi, Tricia, Kendall, Jennifer and Justin! WOW!

Finals week for me is over, and I am done with college for the summer. Look for the TicketTrade and ShowBoard pages to rise back to life pretty soon!

5/12/02 - Billboard.com has an article about the Goos' upcoming tour, entitled "Goo Goo Dolls' 'Flowers' Bloom On The Road "! Here's another article about the Goos gearing up for their summer tour, this article from livedaily.citysearch.com! A little blurb of news can be found here, from Yahoo.com, about the second week of sales for Gutterflower.

NBC's Today announced its summer concert series and it looks like the Goos will appear on June 7th! Click this link for more info.

5/1/02 - A few people have emailed me about problems with the pre-sale password that is required. As I mentioned in yesterday's update, you must own a copy of the Gutterflower CD, and have registered at googoodolls.com through running the program on the CD. Once registered, you can access the members tickets area and retrieve the special password that corresponds to your event. Without that password, there is no way for you to get pre-sale tickets. However, all of the Goo Goo Dolls events will be open to the public at a date shortly after the pre-sale has finished. So if you don't have that password and can't get it before the pre-sale ends, you can order tickets once they go on sale to the general public.

And, against a popular report, TicketMaster does NOT give away random lottery-based seating -- they give away the best tickets first, awarding those who vigorously click to be the first ones to get their orders in. I had second row tickets, and decided to gamble, and 6 searches later, I was lucky to get 6th row tickets after rejecting some 15th-17th row tickets. Don't gamble, settle for good seats if you can get them.

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