What's New Archive - April '03

4/25/03 - As I mentioned before...we were asked to host a banner for the release of the new Yardbirds CD (down there). I know we're wickedly gooey around here, but some amazing musicians...including John Rzeznik...have contributed to this CD. Klew Media has offered to run a contest for you all! Just send in your entry here for a chance to win the CD or a biographical book on The Yardbirds...signed by Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty. 3 CD's and one book are being offered. The contest runs for a month starting today and ending May 25th. One entry per person please!

Some more show reviews have been added...Roseland, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Albany and DC.

4/21/03 - More confirmed tour dates with Bon Jovi were posted in the Tour Diary on the goo's official site today, April 21...go check them out...they're much cooler than us :o) Toronto show info is up on Ticketmaster Canada... and for some of the other shows...you can find ticket info here Ticketmaster. Detroit, Foxboro and Philadelphia have Sheryl Crow added to the bill. No new info about Chicago NASCAR July 12th.

Contests have been put on hold for awhile here...they'll be back though. And if there's anyone out there who'd be interested in helping with a few things...especially if you read the message board religiously..please send an email. this is volunteer...so nothing green with Franklin on it will come your way unfortunately.

Some more Show Reviews have been added...New Year's Eve Chicago HOB, LA, Aukland and Sydney. Still more to come. Keep 'em comin too.

4/19/03 - New tour dates for some NASCAR shows have been confirmed for the goos..

May 17 - Concord, NC, Lowe's Motor Speedway Show info here and here
June 28 - Daytona Beach, FL, International Speedway Show info here
July 12 - Chicago, IL (Not sure of details...won't post them til I am).

4/18/03 - Another temporary moderator has been assigned to our message board...which has been re-linked. Please be aware...they are more strict and won't answer for deleted posts. If another moderator is abused or harrassed here...they will leave and I won't assign another! The person abusing will be put on probation or banned from the board automatically. Moderators here are no different than anyone else...they don't get paid to do it and they're doing it cause they want to help you out so you have a cool place to hang out at. If that can't be respected and appreciated, you'll have nobody there for you and the board will be shut down. A new board is in the process of being put in place directly on the site...I'm guessing by late next week? I'll let you know as it comes.

Several additions to the Chat Directory...Laura, Chris, Dionne, Haley, Scott, Brooke, Nate, Lauren and Delaena have been added to the AIM Directory. Delaena, Angela and Haley to the Yahoo Directory...and Brooke and Caroline to the ICQ Directory. Several Show Reviews have been put up...Adam attended the private show in Hollywood, Vance at the L.A. show and Kaye at the Denver show (hers has been up awhile though). Some more from my archive...Albany, Uncaseville, and E. Rutherford have been added...plenty more to come. A story from the Philly show has been added to the Enounters page as well.

The Lyrics section is getting worked over right now and I have a ton of new guitar tabs to add thanks to Adrian and Jay...so keep an eye out.

If you look down towards the bottom of the screen...I've added a link to the goos official site I made...it's sacriledge to not have one in my book! And, i was asked to host a banner in support of the new Yardbirds CD coming out April 22rd. Not only is it just an amazing collection of musicians and music that everyone should own...my other excuse is that Mr. Rzeznik contributed to it...so go get it!

More positive vibes going out to Robby! He's back in action so he needs all he can get, I think. New tour dates are coming out...I'll get those up when they're confirmed.

4/13/03 - The Message Board has been temporarily disconnected from the site while we work out more details. A change is definately on it's way...we just need to work it out...I'll keep you posted. Please do not send requests to become the new moderator. I must say as nicely as possible...where do you get off? Wait for someone to quit first, k? Thanks to the handful of fans that are showing us support, patience and understanding during such a screwed up time...and another thanks for Ragdoll's...for showing so much concern...it's really appreciated.

On another note...if you send questions through the feedback form...don't expect an answer if you don't leave an email. I've been seeing a regular pattern of that.

4/5/03 - The Goos rocked the house at the Denver show last night. If you have the opportunity to go to a goo show...GO! They are a phenomenal live act and give nothing but their amazing talent and energy. They're performance is as raw as their music.

Spectacular updates are just not gonna be my bag...I intend to keep them real simple and straight to the point so... how 'bout a contest winner? You all were to pick a number between 1 and 50...the person who got the number closest to the one in my head wins a Gutterflower promo flat. I picked number 1, of course...bahaha! And BriGoo came closest with the number 2. Congrats to Bri! Something interesting...more than half of the entries picked a number in the 30's...particularily 33...far out...

Some updates to the site...Kelly, Rio and Michelle were added to the AIM directory and Brandi to the Yahoo directory. Another addition to the Trading Board and Show Board have been added as well. I've added some more show reviews from Buffalo, Pittsburgh/Morrison, Morrison, Boston and Charlotte. Keep em comin! I have many more to put up too.

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