What's New Archive - April '02

4/30/02 - Tickets for many upcoming Live Appearances of the Goo Goo Dolls go on internet presale tomorrow! All of the presale tickets are available with the special password that you can retrieve by using the CD key on the Gutterflower CD to register online and to access the Tickets area of the members section.

Here are some good ideas to make sure your ticketmaster transaction goes through quick and easy: I'm nearly 100% certain that this method of purchasing tickets will work. If you know for certain that it does (you've followed these exact steps before) or it doesn't, please click this link to email me: Click Here. I would like verification if you know it works. Thanks!

4/26/02 - More tour dates!

June 29: Spokane, Wash. (Opera House)
July 1: Portland, Ore. (Schnitzer Hall)
July 2: Seattle (Paramount Theatre)

For many areas, tickets are already on sale or are going on sale soon. Check out TicketMaster.com's listing of upcoming Goo Goo Dolls concerts!

Check this out: A CDnow.com article about the Goos going on tour. There's an AOL Contest to Meet the Goos! Win tickets to the sold-out Chicago concert! "Goo Goo Dolls crawl out of the Gutter:" Check out that chartattack.com article here. Here's an MTV article: Goo Goo Dolls Map Out Tour. Another link, a Gutterflower Review from antimusic.com!

More? Of course I have more. Check out a RollingStone.com article about the Goos going on tour. Check out this article about Gutterflower from WarnerBros.com. MTV has reviewed the Goo chart history over the years, check that one out! England's cranky Q magazine reviews Gutterflower! A college radio site has posted their review of Gutterflower! Ever heard of DailySouthTown.com? I havent, but hey, they have a review of Gutterflower, so check it out!

4/22/02 - I have updated the Tour Calendar, so check it out for a Goo Goo Dolls show near you.

Gutterflower springs up at number 4 in its first week! Read the LAUNCH-yahoo article here! From Buffalonews.com, here is a student review of Gutterflower. RollingStone.com has an interview with John Rzeznik about Gutterflower!

4/20/02 - Here Is Gone is #1 on the Canadian charts! Check out this link! Remember when the Goos were at the Megastore autographing copies of Gutterflower? Find out how it went! Tickets for Zootopia 2002 go on sale TODAY! For more info, Check out this link.

More TV appearances -- On Monday night at 11pm ET on VH1, the Goos will be on The Late World w/Zach. Also, if you missed MTV Jammed with the Goos, there's a re-airing date: this Wednesday at 11:30pm ET, I'm guessing on MTV.

Just a reminder -- to those of you who sent me orders for Gutterflower stickers through the mail, I have them, and am holding on to them until I get another shipment of stickers, that are coming soon. Sorry about the delay.

4/19/02 - More concert dates! This weekend I'll be resurrecting the tour dates calendar, the show board and the ticket trade. It's that time again! Look out - tickets are going on sale soon - Check HERE for updates at Ticketmaster.com.

June 12 - New Orleans, LA - UNO Theatre
June 16 - Charleston, SC - WAVF Radio Show
June 18 - Pensacola, FL - Bayfront Auditorium
June 19 - Memphis, TN - Orpheum Theatre
June 26 - Kelowna, Canada - Skyreach Place
June 28 - Vancouver, Canada - Queen Elizabeth Theatre

4/18/02 - Here are some tour date updates, and for some, including how and when you can get tickets! Yeehaw, they're coming to my state.

May 3 - London, England The Astoria
May 7 - Hamburg, Germany Grunspan
May 23 - Houston, TX - Verizon Theater - 8:00PM $29.50 Charge by Phone: 713-629-3700
May 24 - Dallas, TX Bronco Bowl
May 25 - Tulsa, OK Brady Theater internet presale
May 27 - Louisville, KY Palace Theater 8:00PM $29.50 Charge by Phone: 502/361-3100 internet presale
May 28 - Detroit, MI State Theater 7:30PM $29.50 Charge by Phone: 248-645-6666
May 29 - Chicago, IL Riveria Theater 7:30PM $29.00 Charge by Phone: 312/559-1212 internet presale
May 31 - Philadelphia, PA - Radio Show
June 01 - Boston, MA - Tweeter Center(KISS Concert 2002)
June 02 - East Rutherford, NJ - Giants Stadium(Z100 Zootopia 2002)
June 04 - Toronto, Canada - Hershey Theatre
June 05 - Albany, NY - Palace Theatre
June 07 - Atlantic City, NJ - Mark Etess Arena
June 08 - Mashantucket, CT - Foxwoods
June 09 - Washington DC - Warner Theatre
June 11 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
June 14 - Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live
June 15 - Tampa, FL - TPAC
June 21 - Minneapolis, MN - Northrup Auditorium
June 22 - Winnipeg, Canada - Winnipeg arena
June 24 - Edmonton, Canada - Jubilee Auditorium
June 25 - Calgary, Canada - Juiblee Auditorium

4/16/02 - Here's a news blurb I received today about a LIVE CHAT with the Goos, coming up a week from this Wednesday.

     The Goos want to hear from you!

muchmusic usa brings you a live chat with The Goo Goo Dolls. Log onto www.mmusa.tv early to be the first to send a question to The Goos.

The chat begins on Wednesday, April 24 at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT.

Ask The Goo Goo Dolls about their hit song “Here is Gone” and their new album, Gutterflower. Speak to them about muchmusic’s Class Dismissed contest or ask them anything else you’ve always wanted to know.

Listen carefully as the band reveals something exclusively to muchmusic usa during the chat and you could win an autographed CD or a mini Yepp MP3 player.

To get even more of The Goos watch muchmusic usa on June 27th at 9pm ET/6pm PT for Class Dismissed with The Goo Goo Dolls.

muchmusic usa is available on Adelphia, AT&T Broadband, Cablevision, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Time Warner, Insight and Mediacom. Check your local listings.

4/15/02 - Here's another article about the release of Gutterflower and about the progression of the Goos: here it is at HMV.com!

The Goos are front and center in a USA Today article about Gutterflower! Check it out.

Also, here's an article about how September 11th affected the Goos during their studio sessions. Very interesting, take a look!

If you live in or near Chicago, check out this news blurb: Meet the Goo Goo Dolls: To celebrate the release of their new album, Gutterflower, the Goo Goo Dolls will be at the Chicago Megastore meeting fans and signing CDs. Gutterflower is the Grammy nominated rock band's first original album in more than three years, following 1998's massive hit Dizzy Up The Girl. It's chalk-full of melodic pop hooks, powerful guitar-driven rock and glorious acoustic outings. Critics are even saying that it surpasses the extraordinary accomplishments that came before it. Be the first on your block to own a signed copy and meet the guys (they're really nice!). >>>TO meet the band you must purchase a copy of the new album. WHEN: Tuesday April 16th @12:30 PM WHERE: Chicago Virgin MegaStore 540 N. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 645-9300 plus FOR CHICAGO FANS if they hurray: http://www.wxrt.com/overtime.html

4/14/02 - The Goo Goo Golls will be on MTV Jams tonight at 9pm EDT! Set your VCRs for this one!

4/13/02 - Looks like the "Here Is Gone" single is going on sale in Australia on April 22nd! Check out that link. (Thanks, Jenny!)

BuffaloNews.com has a couple of articles out about Gutterflower. Check them out here: 'Gutterflower' - raw, unrepentant and a beauty in its own right, and Are they selling out or just sharpening their sound? The GOO GOO DOLLS roll on, perfecting the power of pop and punk.

4/11/02 - Goo Goo Dolls TICKETS are going on sale TOMORROW for the Detroit, MI and Houston, TX shows on ticketmaster! Check out this link! Thanks, Karyn!

Here's an article about the creation of Gutterflower that was released a while ago; very interesting article. Also, here's another Gutterflower review link that Lindsay sent in. Thanks everyone!

I have made contact with someone who has 500 extra Gutterflower stickers, so for convenience, I will hang on to any orders that come in through the mail to see if I can hook you up with stickers at all.

4/10/02 - Here's a new Gutterflower Review link sent in by Nick. Also, here is an Amazon.com review of Gutterflower!

The Goos' GUTTERFLOWER is the BILLBOARD.COM HotProduct of the week! Check out this link! Not to mention, in its FOURTH week on the charts, "Here Is Gone" is #6 on the BILLBOARD ADULT TOP 40 charts!! Click here!!

Quoted from GooGooDolls.com, here is their Live Appearance Schedule:

04-13-02 Long Beach, CA - 28th Annual TOYOTA Grand Prix
04-27-02 Irvine, CA - Star98.7 [email protected] Amp
05-03-02 London, England - The Astoria
05-23-02 Houston, TX - Verizon Theater
05-24-02 Dallas, TX - Bronco Bowl
05-25-02 Tulsa OK - Brady Theater
05-27-02 Louisville, KY - Palace Theater
05-28-02 Detroit, MI - State Theater
05-29-02 Chicago, IL - Riviera Theater

I'm outta stickers! Sorry if you didn't get your order in time.

4/9/02 - The day is here. GUTTERFLOWER, the Goo Goo Dolls' Seventh Studio Album was released today. Starting off strong releasing "Here Is Gone" as their first single, the Goos will be going on a two-year long tour for this album, the dates of which are yet to be announced.

After 5 or 6 calls to my local radio stations, I finally heard Here Is Gone on two radio stations yesterday. Enjoy the Goos' presense on the airwaves once again as this album takes off!

4/4/02 - Thanks to Nick for sending me the following updates! Here is a cdnow.com interview with John Rzeznik, a review of Gutterflower at cdnow.com, and another review at launch.com! Check out these awesome updates!

4/3/02 - Brian S. was the quickest one to respond to yesterday's instant contest for an autographed 8x10 of the Goos! The correct answer I was looking for was "Beast in the Jungle". Don't read it, I'm certain it kills brain cells. Pat yourself on the back if you got it right, I know about 30+ responded correctly.


For my American Literature class, I'm reading a short story by Henry James written in 1903. This story has only 2 central characters, the only characters with names in the entire story. Their first names are John and May, hence a correlation with the lyrics of the song "Slide". The first person to send an email to [email protected] with the correct title of this short story I'm referring to, gets an autographed 8x10 of the Goos, pictured here!

I sent out only 6 orders of stickers this morning, shocking since I sent out 21+ yesterday. There's still many more left. Look two updates below this one if you're still interested!

4/1/02 - Recounting the stickers, I'm guessing I have around 280 total, which means about 56 orders worth. So far, as of 12:07AM EST, I've received 15 orders. They're going quick!

If you're sending your shipping payment in the mail to me, please realize that I don't reserve stickers for you at all; you get whatever's left. If I'm out of stickers when your shipping payment arrives, then I'll just mail back your money... so I suggest against mailing me your payment, it gives you no guarantee.

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