What's New Archive - March '03

3/31/03 - Lots of updates to the site...

The original feedback form wasn't working and the show board section on the request page wasn't working either. Well...hell if i know what the prob is...lol...so...I made a new Feedback form. You can send just about anything through it...requests for the show board, show reviews, goo encounters, marijuana, etc...I've also added a link to it under the Interact section.

The Discography page has been updated...I'm sure I'm missing something that needs to be there, but for the most part, it's back doing the funky chicken! Show Reviews for Buffalo, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Sunrise, Tampa, Chicago, Philly and Raleigh are up and many more to be added. Feel free to send some more.

Some more additions to the Aim Directory...Tammie, Eric, Tonny and Jessa. Cindy and Tonny have been added to the Yahoo Directory and Shawna to the ICQ directory. Some more additions to the Trading Board are up you may find promising, and little_goo broke in the new feedback form...it was rather exciting! :o) with a show board addition.

Who wants a Gutterflower promo flat? Send an email to [email protected] with a number between 1 and 50...whoever gets closest to the number in my head gets it. Now how lazy of me was that? Woohoooo!

3/25/03 - For all you hardcore goo collector's out there, you can pre-order a diecast Rusty Wallace car with goo on it! Here's the link...Goomobile...pretty nifty. There's lots of live pics of the Gutterflower tour on the official site and on our message board...so hop on over there and live vicariously!

The Show Board has been updated and additions made...however, the request page for it is having technical difficulties. If you'd like to be added to it, send your request to the site mail. I just need your name, email and what show you'll be attending. The request page is working fine for everything else on the site. We have a few entries to the chat directory... Bri, Kristyn, Amy, Tyler, Paula and Julie have been added to the AIM directory. Leslie and Amy have been added to the Yahoo Directory, and Julie has been added to the ICQ Directory. We need an MSN Directory...it's on my list of nifty additions. A couple entries have been added to the Trading Board as well.

I got a little note from someone across the world wondering just what in the heck the answers to the last contest was. Sorry! I knew I was forgetting something when I announced the winner. So for all those who wondered... the song off the A Boy Named Goo album that was originally titled "Someday"...was re-named "Ain't That Unusual". The song that didn't make it on the album was called "Stand Alone"...written by George Tutuska. As many know, George was removed from the band during the time A Boy Named Goo was being made, so the goos left the song out. You can find lots of facts like this on the site so be sure to surf around!

3/21/03 -
I've updated some things on the site this week!  The Goo/Bon Jovi tour dates have been added to the Tour & Concerts section and some additions to the Chat Directory...Lynzee, Lori, Latinaloucious, Nikki, Josie and Sharon have been to the AIM Directory.  Paul, mami_chula, Lisa and Lauren have been added to the Yahoo Directory.  

Some entries have been added to the Trading Board so go check it out if you're into that sort of thing.  It seems that I've deleted the Ticket Trade/Sell Board...lol...but you're not missing much...it was empty...thank god...however, one person is selling a ticket to the Vegas show...go check that out on our Message Board if you're interested.  If you have anything to contribute to any of the boards or would like to be added to the chat directory, go to those sections under the Interact menu and fill out a request page...I'll get them up within a few days.

If you have a show review or goo encounter you'd like put up in a permanent place, send them on into the site mail [email protected]   It's been a favorite to post show reviews on the message board cause other fans can interact with you, but those reviews will be lost eventually.  It's pretty cool to come read your review months down the road and everyone gets a chance to read it cause it's up in a permanent, no chaos place...so please do both.  

How about a winner of the Iris Promo CD?  Out of a random draw...Caroline is the new lucky owner!  Congratulations Caroline!  If you missed out, don't worry...we have more contests coming up...i try to do one every week, but that postage adds up and I'm one broke loser.

Not much Goo news...some new show dates are coming out soon as said at www.googoodolls.com and a whole lot of voting and requesting of the new single, "Sympathy" is happening...so get on those phones and computers!

3/10/03 - Hey people...it's Eva. As some as you know already...I'm going to be co-webmastering the site. I've been poking around in here, getting familiar with things, and I think I'm ready to go! Over the next weeks, I'll be going through updating most of the features, so be sure to check out the happenings. I'll post about the happenings on our message board too. Please feel free to email the site... [email protected] In the meantime...VOTE FOR SYMPATHY!

3/16/03 - I'm having a problem with my email client, so if you've sent email to the site [email protected] with me. I'm able to retrieve the mail, but not send anything....we've tried almost everything. If you've sent requests for the chat directory and trading board...I'll have those put up as soon as possible! Unfortunately, I don't have a huge amount of extra time to spend on the site, like some others have for their's. Things will gradually come along. I believe it's time for a CONTEST! I have an Iris promo CD just begging to be owned, so if you'd like to put yourself in the running to win this little treasure and watch me hand it over reluctantly...send your answers to the 2 trivia questions below and a username if you frequent our message board to [email protected]

1.) What song off the A Boy Named Goo album was originally called, "Someday"? 2.) What song did not make it onto the A Boy Named Goo CD and why?

Too tough? Nah...just gotta know where to look. I'll announce a winner next week!

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