What's New Archive - January '04

1/19/04 - A new entry to the trading board has been added.

1/10?/04 - Ok all you graphics people... here's the contest for you! I received several requests for this and I'm now just getting around to run it.

WOG needs a banner made for the OT message board. What's in it for you?

Well... I got stuff rusting away here... so 2 winners will walk away from this contest...

-the winning banner...will receive a promotional "Slide" cd and a choice of 2 posters...the big saturn goo poster or a promo poster from the DUTG era (they're like, half a poster). Or one of the posters and a japanese flyer. Some silly bonuses will be there too.

-the runner up banner...will receive the 2 posters and flyer. Some silly bonuses as well.

So whatcha ya gotta do and what's not allowed?

-Make a goo banner that's 540 length x 175 width. If you have a little bigger size in mind...run it by me and I'll consider it. We have to be concerned about load times for those with pissant computers...like mine.

-Send the banner via email... [email protected]. Please indicate in your subject heading that it's the contest banner or else it'll go in the trash untouched. If you don't want to use email to send the banner...just let me know where I can find the thing...it'll have to be on a website someplace or picture trail or some place like that.

-Animation, pics that are watermarked or known copyrighted, and using another fan's personal pics without written consent are not allowed...you'll be disqualified.

Some personal tips cause you know I'm weird and controlling...

-We have "WOG" and "World of Goo Message Boards" written all over the place already, but hey...you never know how hot a banner is until you see the finished product. Cool ass text can tickle people to death and all that.

-Pics rock...we like to see the goo boys somewhere on a goo board.

How do we choose?

Once the entries are in...a voting poll will be put up and the winner will be chosen based on the opinion of your peers. Whoever gets the most votes wins and their banner will be placed on the OT board. If the winner wants...they can choose the color scheme for the OT board...if not, I'll just do it if necessary. The runner up will be picked based on having the next highest amount of votes. Their banner will go up on the WOG site's main page, towards the bottom.

All winners will be announced and credited for their work in whatever way they want.

The contest deadline is February 21st.

If there are any questions, post at the board or send me an email, private messaging, all that stuff.

Have fun! We can't wait to see your stuff!

1/9/04 - Happy New Year! To those visiting... the Gutterflower tour has ended and another era of goo has passed. At this time...the goos are reported to be on a well deserved break. A new album is in the planning process and hopes of release sometime in 2004.

Our message board community is still very active. Stop by for up to the minute news or to hang out.