What's New Archive - January '02

1/15/02 - April 9th, 2002. Mark that day on your calendar - it's when the Goos' new album GUTTERFLOWER will be released!

To skim off the past couple weeks over on the Daily Goo, the Goo Goo Dolls will be performing in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 22nd, more details to come. The Goos are rehearsing for their upcoming Gutterflowers tour and are undergoing art and internet meetings about this new album. They have released the names of their new keyboardist and guitarist for the upcoming tour.

1/14/02 - Woohoo! An update! MFC pulled a FTP switcheroo on me and I couldn't get into where I make the updates for about a week... but that's no excuse! Today we have another massive chat directory update including a couple of fans from unusual places! To the AIM Chat Directory I've added Annie, Kate, Mike, and Kim; to the ICQ Chat Directory I've added Thais from Brazil and to the Yahoo Chat Directory I have added Mike, Saba, and Dennis who is from the Phillipines! Add these usual and unusual fans to your GOO lists!

1/2/02 - Happy 2002! I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday season. Today we have the most massive chat update in WOG history, 12 additions. I've added Nikki, Brian, Amy, Dawn, Jenessa, Jessica, Erin, Nick and Laura to the AIM Chat Directory, I've added Erin to the ICQ Chat Directory, and I've also added Erin and Laura to the Yahoo Chat Directory! TRY and add those people to your lists!

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