New York City, NY - Oxygen Concert Taping
July 21, 2003
From: SaintSinner

Just got back from the concert. IT WAS GREAT!!! I would rank it in one of the 3 or 4 best concerts I have seen in my life (any band that is!). Small venue, with a capacity of 1,200 (at least that is what a sign inside the place said), and that includes a few hundred people on the top VIP area. Anyway, I was expecting a short show, maybe 7 - 8 songs, with lots of stops and re-do's, but that was totally not the case. It was an almost full blown Goo concert. They played (not in correct order, but I will try to be as close as possible):

Black Balloon
Here Is Gone
Think About Me
Big Machine
American Girl

Here Is Gone
Then they came back out and re-did Slide & Here Is Gone. All in all they were on stage for about 70 min. My only disappointment was that they did not do Just The Way You Are (I voted for that song a number of times). Some other notes about the show. 3 girls (they were actually right next to me) came to the show from the Chicago area. They had a sign that said something like "we came 800 miles to see John play Naked". The song Naked had just started when John stopped it and asked for the banner. He held it up on stage, read it, then started the song. It was a cool moment for the girls I am sure. Its too bad the band butchered the song (they actually stopped during the solo, then started up again). Chances are this won't make the cut unless Oxygen does some serious editing. The crowd was rocking. In fact before the band came back out we were asked to mellow out some, because the floor was literally shaking from everyone bouncing. It was cool, but it was also alittle scary thinking that they actually had to ask us to stop bouncing because of the floor (we had to be up 6 stories- at least!) John was actually on stage as they were asking us to stop jumping and he was actually making fun of the whole thing, walking around like a stiff telling us that is how we should act. The version they did of American Girl, totally ROCKED. perhaps the best version I heard the Goo's do yet!! John commented that we was glad we voted for that one. Anyway, I think that covers most of it. It was FUN. I look forward to seeing it on TV in September!