Daytona FL - Dale Earnhardt Tribute Concert
June 28, 2003
From: Melissa

I checked into my hotel around 3:00 on Friday afternoon.....met up with Kim, Cassie, Laurie, Kris, Michele, Amy, Brooke, and a few others around 10:00....we all went to a club and shared a few drinks and some good laughs.

Got to the speedway around 9:15 Saturday morning, and I thought I was the first one of the group there. There was already a massive line, so I joined in, and wound up right behind where the girls ended up. 12:00 the gates opened and pandemonium erupted. EVERYONE started running, and fighting for space by the stage. I wound up with Kris, Laurie, Cindy, Kim, and Cassie on Robby's side of the stage dealing with the awful rednecks and their attitudes. We settled in a space (finally) by the end of the stage and hung out there for a while. We ended up getting to see Mike and Jason walking around (and buying their own!!) and the crew setting up the equipment in the back. So at least we had that. Hung out on the pseudo rail for a while, hoping to catch a glimpse of the guys, but no luck. Then....those ugly black clouds rolled in and the sky opened up. We made our move to the front as soon as Kenny Chesney was over (and everyone was running for shelter.) BRAVED THE ELEMENTS FOR GOO!! After a little bit of a delay due to thunder and lightning, Goo hit the stage. The guys sounded amazing, and had so much energy. They really seemed happy to see so many people by the stage supporting them for being there. John said he was "sweating like a hooker in church"...yes, it was really really hot out! (and rained on goo is really hot too...*right cassie*) There were a few technical issues with the equipment, and there were a few points where John had to sing w/o his guitar....which I must say was a change for us. But the guys were just on!! In spite of John slipping on the wet stage, and the technical problems, it was a wonderful performance. And getting to hang out with the WOG girls was great!! (do you all still have your weenie whistles??) Here is the setlist and some pictures!

Long Way Down
Here Is Gone
Black Balloon
Big Machine
Tucked Away