From: Mark (a college buddy of Robby's)

November 7, 1998
Marts Center
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Not every Goo concert starts out this way--
we were personally invited on the tour bus to chat briefly with Johnny R...he was just kicking back, getting ready for show in one of the most coolest buses I've ever been on--fully stocked and ready to rock! After a quick hello it was off to the Marts Center to snag our "after concert- all access" passes...

Admittedly, we missed most of the first band's set, although from what we heard while waiting in the lobby, they sounded pretty good...

I would have to say the stage area was a bit cramped, as Johnny & Robby are used to a little more room up there----At 9:35, the Goo's took the stage with the heart-ponding title-track Dizzy, immediately blasting into Long Way Down, to the thrill of about 1200 music-hungry fans!

Johnny was wearing a black t-shirt with a red star on it & leather pants...He commented, "If I knew all you people were here, I would've dressed-up!..."

Robby had a grey t-shirt on with blue pants, (bare-foot of course) and a big 'ole smile, considering he was still very ill with the flu--it was obvious he had to pace himself to save energy for the brutal 1 hour 10 minute set!

Here's the set list to the best of my recollection:

Long Way Down
Black Balloon
Name (complete w/story & a girl getting invited 
             up on stage to sing)
Falling Down
January Friend
Flat Top
Another Second

Suprisingly, Johnny minded his manners and kept the usual barrage of cussing to a minimum--I think the girl that he invited on-stage to sing during Name caught the band's previous show in Philly, because he asked her if she "wanted to try it again..." She strugged to get up on stage, then pressed her body up against Johnny when he screamed...

"Whoa!...don't do that...those puppies might go off!"

This mind-blowing show had just about everything in it---including some of the best body-surfing I've seen in a while...The mosh-pit got going during "January Friend" and the crowd was its loudest as the boys closed with the icy-cool lyrics of "Iris"

        --When you bleed just to know
            you're alive...
Encore tunes included:
Girl Right NextTo Me (John's head wrapped in a towel)
Lucky Star
2 Days In Febuary

Believe it or not...I was looking forward to the end of the show, where I would finally get to sit down and chat with my long-time college buddy, Robby Goo...We were whisked away upstairs to meet the band, everyone was pretty relaxed and friendly...signing autograph's and taking pictures, drinking sodas and laughing about the old days, back in Buffalo, where this power-trio got their roots, sowed their oats and learned the ropes with all the hard work paying off -- success in the gritty world of Rock-n-Roll! I'm pretty proud of Robby and the band's accomplishments, beleive me if you only go to one rock concert this year, make it the Goo's--an uplifting, fresh show you'll never forget!

Mark Goo :)