From: Kat

November 7, 1998
Marts Center
Wilkes-Barre, PA

The show at Wilkes-Barre was great! Athenaeum opened for them. They were so awesome! I kept yelling out North Carolina!!!!! Mark laughed, I guess he was glad to see they wer not the only ones from there! When the Goo's came out, everyone went MAD!

As ususal, they opened with "DIZZY" Johnny was pointing to moist of the fans that were coming over everyones head"crowd surfing" The security was so tight there, that it was really hard to take pics. (But Kelly managed to get a few. When he started to sing "NAME" he pointed out to me."Hey, I know you!" (because I was at the Charlotte concert) Then he went on to tell the story about"NAME" He looked back at me and said"You don't have to listen, since you already heard it" Than he sang the song. When he came to the end again, he stopped and asked me if I wanted to join him. Of couse I did, made it thru this time, and managed to slap him on the butt!

Whan they played "Iris", the whole crowd swayed back and forth. That was pretty kool! Towards the end, everyone started throwing their stuff towards the stage. Johnny picked up a coule of the items and put them on his microphone stand.

When it was over, the roadies threw out some of their guitar pics with GOO written on them. I got to hang out with them upstairs after their concert.

This concert I will never forget! If you have the chance to go see them, do it!!! I flew up there, and it was worth it! This concert gets an "A+"!!!!!!!!