From: Jaci

Buzz Bake Sale
Coral Sky Amphitheatre
November 1, 1998
W. Palm Beach, FL

Pictures at bottom...

I just got back from the Buzz Bake Sale. What an amazing show. The goos had so much energy. Of course, Robby was barefoot, no socks. He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt that was black and long black shorts. John was wearing a white tank top and black shorts and black shoes and I couldn't see Mike too well, but he was wearing a white shirt. I could see all the goos tattoos really clearly. First, the show started when a priest sort-of guy came out and lighted candles and then you heard the first chords of "Dizzy" and they all ran out and started rocking to Dizzy and after the first 2 verses, John said "fuck it, let's rock." and they did to that song.

Afterwards, he started babbling and cursing a lot and he said he was at home one day and tried something out (plays a couple of chords to Name) and he said "I liked how it sounded, so I played it to Robby, once it came out, some guy sent me a letter with a picture of him so I can see who hates me and he wrote in the letter: Dear Faget, you are a pussy and your song fucking sucks. Fuck you. signed Indie rocker" "So then I was really pissed off and I called my manager and I said, I'm scared I've sold out.(then he starts screaming and babbling like he's yelling at his manager) and my manager said, shut the fuck up, people like the song. So I shut the fuck up." And he started playing Name and in the middle of name he stopped and finished his story and said "So I wrote that kid back and wrote: Dear Mr. Dick, go eat a bag of shit. Love, John" and then he finished Name.

They played Dizzy, January Friend, Falling Down, Long Way Down, Full Forever, Another Second Time Around, Lazy Eye, Slide, Iris, Name, Naked, Flat Top, Bullet Proof, and Black Balloon. They had wonderful energy and Johnny switched guitars constantly, including the guitar with a big sticker that said PRICK on it.

After a while, Robby talked and said, "Hello West Palm Beach." When the band was introduced, everyone was introduced normally except Robby was about to introduce John and he said "This guy, uhhhhhh..." And John said "shut the fuck up and say my name."

Mike played this awesome drum solo for about a minute and he played so well. The sound was great and there was a big screen for all those to see the band close-up. They re-created the sounds of the album so well, and actually I thought they sounded better live. They messed up a bit and u would hear john or robby curse.

The only weird part of the show was suddenly, John sliced his finger and ran off stage while Robby was singing and when John came back, he was still rocking and running around stage, but then he wiped his hand on his tank top and a whole bunch of blood was left on his top and he did this a few times during the show and there was a lot of blood, but he still played incredibly. Robby was jumping around and screaming and sang great. It was, all in all, an awesome show. Please e-mail me if there was anything I left out because I'm very hyper, but also very tired and have no clue as to what I just typed. ANyways, this was the best night of my life.

- Jaci -

Jaci's Pictures from the Show!



Jaci and Mike