From Jaime…

September 18th

Coral Sky Amphitheater

West Palm Beach, FL


Ok, well going to the last Goo concert on the tour was awesome! This being my 6th Goo concert, I had no idea how great it would turn out! It started out with my friend Tracy (who I met at a Goo concert in Vegas!) and I arrived at Coral Sky at 2:30pm and the concert started at 7:00pm! (Yes I know we are CRAZY! Hehe) Well, we just really hoped on maybe catching the tour bus and meeting up with the guys early or just seeing our seats early. So at the front gate there was this really cool guy J.J. He wasn't working on staff, he worked for Levi's but he was so cool he tried to convince the security guards to just show us our seats, of course they said no, and he talked to us 4 a while, complimenting our Goo shirts! ;) So we decided to go where we knew the tour busses would pull in. There we met Robby's cousin. Mike's a cool guy, poor guy had lots of trouble getting backstage to see his own cousin! So then we saw the Goo bus pull in, just seeing Mike, but we thought it was really cool.

After a while of hanging out, I met up with a few people from the list! Hey Olga, Stephanie and Jaci! ;) There were also these REALLY annoying girls who kept trying to boost each other the fence over to maybe catch a glimpse of a Goo Goo Doll, claiming to be older then they;) Then Tracy and I also met up with my other friend Shannon. So we went to our sucky seats...Section 5 Row J. I was kinda disappointed cuz all my other seats had been at least 5th row, but we had plans on moving up! :) The security was REALLY tight there, and really uptight too! They were all sooo annoying and wouldn't let you move without questioning you! UGH! Well anyway, there was this box seat wide open, so my friends and I asked if we could go there and the one security lady was like NO! So we were like, WE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!

When the Goos came on, we went down to the lower level, when it was nice and dark and when the ushers weren't checking tickets that well ;) and we luckily found seats about 18th row! I was sooooo happy to be on level and to have the guys be bigger then the size of my thumb! lol! Well I went on this guy's shoulders, showed them my trademark signs "I'll Kiss Your Ass 4 a backstage pass!" "Hold me up cuz im short", "I don't wanna be James Dean either!" , and "HEY, we snuck outta school 2 C your smile!" Well they got notices, so we were all happy, then got threatened by security for me to get down and put away the posters. That was the end of that. But they still couldn't stop us from getting closer to GOO!

We all went seat hopping, moving ourselves up to 3rd row! It was AMAZING and such a wonderful show! John told the Lottery joke. Seemed like their performance was a little short in time wise, but so energetic for the last show! Right after I hopped over to front row, and got part of the setlist (some people are such animals! ;) ) and then got Nathan's guitar pick, GOO on the front and 12 on the back! My 3rd Goo pick! Hehe. And just as I thought my luck was over it got even better!

I go to wait by where the tour busses were, and I met some other cool people! Hey Adam and Dan! Well we felt bad they didn't get backstage! So I just waited out there thinking MAYBE one of the Goos would come out...while waiting I ran into J.J. again. He goes hold on I'll be right back, he goes backstage and about 5 minutes late he comes back with a smirk on his face and something behind his back! I said what are you doing? And all the sudden he slaps a backstage pass sticker right on me! I was so ecstatic! I had met everyone of the Goos except John, and he said that John, Robby, Dave, and Nathan were backstage, and some people from Frogpond. I felt SOOOOO horrible not being able to go backstage with Tracy and Shannon, but Shannon didn't care (she's not a big goo fan, and then Tracy is just the best!!!!) So J.J. goes to me "Now this is an adult party and you are not supposed to be here, and you have to be aggressive to get what you want done" I was like "Me aggressive? I THINK I CAN HANDLE THAT!" ;) So I get back there and said Hi to Nathan and Dave, and someone from Frogpond, didn't see Robby at all. Then I saw John with a bunch of chicks, lol! So I just went up to him and said "Hi how are you" and all that good stuff and asked if he could sign some things for me. So he said "SURE!" And then he goes "What's your name? I wanna make this CD out to you...WHOA WOW U HAVE ALL THE Cds? How do you spell your name, I will feel bad if I spell it wrong" So I told him it was JAIME, and he goes "Now see I woulda spelt it wrong and felt really really bad!" Then I had him sign a DUTG for Shannon, and Tracy brought her ABNG and DUTG, then I asked him for Tracy if he could sign the inside and he was nice enough to! Then there was a little dirty joke in there on where to sign it...but I'll leave that out... So I then got a pic with him, and talked to him for like 5 minutes, and then talked about my posters. He goes "THAT WAS YOU?! I REMEMBER THOSE AND I CANT BELIEVE THAT WAS YOU!" and then he goes "geez! How many of our concerts have you been to?" I go "6" he's like WOW! He complimented me on my Goo shirt I had made, and then also said he really liked me necklaces, (ball chain with 2 clasps and the white and black bead one) I was like THANKS! Not realizing until the picture that he was wearing the same ones! lol So then I thanked him, let him get back to his swarm of chicks lol, and then he said "NO THANK YOU SO MUCH" and I got another hug from him, and went on my way. All the Goos are so cool and really do love their fans! They all are sooo awesome! Well, I now got my 2 rolls of 3rd row Goo developed, some AWEOME PICS! The one with John and I turned out great, I can't wait for my next GOO show on November 4th in Orlando, FL! (Now they all know to spot me by my signs! Hehe) Bye!