From Stacey and Jamie…

September 18th

Coral Sky Amphitheater

West Palm Beach, FL

Ok lets start off on Tuesday. We were so afraid that the hurricane was gonna make the Goo Goo dolls cancel the show! Ok, Saturday September 18, 1999-- THE LONGEST DAY OF OUR LIVES. Well we got to Coral Sky and I met Olga and Jamie. It rained for about 45 mins. We met this guy who said he had a tape of the Goo Goo dolls when they were younger, and he told us to write down our addresses and he would send it within two weeks. And we met the guys son and he said he was going back stage so we gave him 2 letters to give to the Goo Goo dolls from us. He said if he could, he would.

We finally got in to Coral Sky and we went and got a black T-shirt each and I got the necklace. So we went to find our seat and we found out we were close, but right behind the speaker. So we met up with 2 friends that had 14th Row/center. There were 2 seats empty next to them so we sat there for the concert. When Fastball came out we sat down for all the songs except one.

During the break before Sugar Ray came out we found out that the Goo Goo dolls got our letters. Then they took a break and it was time for Sugar Ray. They came out on stage and completely rocked. We stood up for all there songs and sang every word.(Mark looked soo good) They took another break and set up the stage for the Goo Goo dolls. During the break our friend got us 2 bottles of water, we were dying.

So the stage fogged up and then the lights went out and then you could hear Dizzy starting up everyone went crazy, including us. The first thing we seen was the shadow of Johnny (no cowboy hat). They started singing Dizzy and then went into Long Way Down. Before they sang Slide, Johnny told us a joke it when like this: "A man came home and said, ‘Honey I won the lottery’ and she started packing her bags and said ‘where are we going?’and he said ‘No where and then she said then get the F*ck out’. Then he started talking about how that joke reminded him of their first record deal. and he grabbed his butt and said "man I never knew the music business was so hard".

They sang a few more songs and Johnny introduced the band. They sang about four more songs and then left the stage. Then some movie about Greed came on. The Goo Goo dolls came back out. And they had a lot of bright lights shining in the crowd, so Jamie and I held up our signs in hopes of having them see it. Jamie's sign said GOO GOO DOLLS DIZZY UP SO. FLORIDA. Mine said Show Us Ur Feet Robby.

They sang like 3 songs and confetti fell from the roof. After they sang the last song Johnny threw his guitar up and ran so it didn’t hit him when it fell, then Robby grabbed his guitar and threw it through the screen and Johnny did the same. They picked up their mic stands and threw them through the screen too. Then Robby ran and slid on the stage. While Robby was sitting on the end on the stage, Johnny thanked the crowd. Then they left the stage and everyone started to leave.

That was by far one of the best nights of our lives!!