From Andrew…

August 31st

GTE Center

Virginia Beach, VA


On the night of August 31st I got to the Goos for a second time and it was unbelievable! Fastball and Sugar Ray were fine, but When the Goos came on stage, I went crazy. I had 3rd row tickets!

Anyway I'm not exactly sure of the order but the set list went something like this. . . Dizzy, Long way down, Lazy Eye, Slide, Broadway, Black Balloon, Bulletproof, Naked, Name (with story), Fallin Down, Stop the World, Burin up, Full Forever, January Friend, Another Second Time Around, Hate This Place, Acoustic #3, Iris, There You Are, Flat Top, Just the way you are, and Two Days in February.

Johnny’s voice sounded better than I have ever heard it, and when the confetti exploded during just the way you are, the winds blew the confetti all around the arena. Even though the concert was during a hurricane, there was an estimated 17,000 people there, and during the concert Johnny yelled, "Fuck the hurricane, were going to play even longer." Even though the winds were blowing in excess of 60 mph, they kept playing and put on the most incredible show I have ever seen.

At one point in the show these two beautiful girls threw their bras and panties onto the stage and flashed Johnny. He fell over while he was playing the guitar solo in Just the way you are, and after the song commented that he would have to go change his pants.

This is definitely the best concert I've ever seen, and the hurricane just made it more fun!