Las Vegas, NV - Mandalay Bay
April 19, 2003

From: Just Julie

Oh what a night!!!!!! Nothing compares to standing in line at a venue and in walks in a group of WOG'ers waving glow wands, and wearing bunny ears. They all looked sooo cute! They had this enormous sign I believe it read, Goo Goo Dolls Fans For Peace, or something along those lines. Everyone signed their name, and into the show we went. Of course the first thing I saw was merchandise booth, but I decided to let that $45 baby tee go to some one else. I just wanted to find my seat and wait for Goo. Section 112 was in the back, but very close to the floor. I was watching people move around on stage and realized just how small they looked, and being so far back at a Goo show wasn't going to be as great as those standing rail concerts but I said it's all GOOd, I'm just lucky to be here. They didn't start at 8:30 as they were suppose to, so a 20 minute delay to me seemed like forever. It was very easy to spot the other WOG'ers in their bunny ears though, so we did a lot of waving to each other. Finally the lights went out, and Dizzy started! I was going nuts wanting to stand up, dance, and sing, but I was surrounded by people who just sat there. So I just wiggled my butt off in my chair and sang. A girl next to me saw my excitement and gave me her binoculars to use They did all the songs they've been doing on this leg and sounded really good, except something was up with Robby's mic. His vocals just were not coming through as well as they usually do. During Name some guy walked out on stage and stood next to Johnny's mic. Johnny kind of looked at him funny, and turned to the side to give the guy the mic. The guy was trying to sing the words, and I was trying to figure out who the hell he was. Pretty soon, a security guy came out and grabbed the guys arm and took him off the stage. Johnny and Robby just kind of stood there looking at each other like, what the hell just happened. Johnny made some remark about the "wonderful security at the Mandalay Bay" then told Robby to "keep an eye on that side of the stage" and Robby turned towards the side and made a karate chop motion with his hands. I was laughing so hard at this point, and almost spewed my beer when Johnny went back to the mic to finish singing the song and he kind of chuckled and said, "I forget where the hell we were" as he had forgotten what song they were singing. At some point Johnny put on his pair of bunny ears that the girls had given him, but I missed what he said, as I was standing up screaming thinking, OMG...they got to give him his ears!!!!! At this point the boring people around me decided to just give it up and let me go crazy for the band I love. 45 minutes of pure GOO love, but man did it go by fast. It was a total tease, and I wanted more! Oh well, 45 minutes of GOO is better than no GOO....riiiiight