Las Vegas, NV - Mandalay Bay
April 19, 2003

From: Amy

On Friday night, on our way to the HOB restaurant meet up, chicago_goo and I totally saw Mike. We got on the tram between the hotels, and THERE HE WAS!!! How cool! chicago_goo had this look on her face (she calls it the guppie look--eyes big, mouth opening and closing) and he said hi. I think he could sense that she knew who he was! So we both just said hi and that was it--close quarters and we didn't wanna scare him! So he got off the tram at one spot and we stayed on to go to the HOB for dinner!! Dinner rocked!!! It was so fun meeting everyone! We did hang out at the restaurant bar and John and Robby were there. I didn't approach either one of them--I am way too shy. Sucks to be me! The concert totally rocked!!! Before the show even started, we could see Damage rockin' the bunny ears. He wore them during the show. The Goos sounded great and I want to say during the break in Iris--there wasn't a person sitting in that arena that I could see. Standing ovation for GOO!!!!!!!! The guys sounded great, they had so much energy and I was so glad that Robby made the show. Had a great time after the show--dancing and partying with all the goobunnies! So glad to meet you all! You all ROCK!