From: Zac

July 24, 1999
GM Place
Vancouver, BC

Here's the list, I'll get to details in a second, dizzy, slide, broadway,January friend, B. balloon, bullet proof,full forever, acoustic3, hate this place, Iris (duh), name, long way down, burning up, naked, eyes wide open, Lazy eye, another second time around, lucky star, million miles away, two days in feb, just the way you are, flat top. that s it.

It was along drive to get there but worth it.In the beginning we were sitting at the lights and a big purple bus drove by, my friend jay said hey maybe it's them , i'm like yeah right? later we see the same bus parked at gm place , then when ggd hit the stage the colours of the bus was identical to image seen on the video screens behind them.pretty cool we saw them ahead of time. john wore a tank top and black pants with lines down the side , mike in black and out of view in the back , rob had bare feet as ususal with black pants and pinned stripe shirt. rob seemed to be the energy of the show, at he begining he made massive eye contact with me and nodding since i'm older than all the other kids by a lot and know every lyric, he liked that. john seemed to be in his own world wasn't too peppy always looked down or out not much interaction with the crowd. the rest were way far away and not really there you know. the crowdwas moderately energetic everybody crams at the front and it gets sweaty ALOT of the younger kids started crying so security was lifting bodies constantly . there were also tons of forty year olds there people also would dance a bit. the video in betwwen was about mass consumption and conformity about 2 minutes long or so

then they came out again jon had a towel on his head and hucked it into the crowd, the sprayed water , threw picksand guitars at the end, there was also many funny lights and confetti dropped from above. jon asked at one point if they had soldout evreyone would yell something different. we got no name story but the messed up the last part of name, he said "fuck it" and rob broke his a-string on the bass during name. jon also said the he would never froget the day he wrote name.

iris got some reaction not as much as i would expect. at the end song jon said " this one is about , a boy , a girl and along phone bill" at that point i yelled "two days in february" as obvious as the clue was... iwas right too.. . just for kicks. maybe i'm a jackass but during sugar ray i threw a paper cup of coke(large) at the stage, it dupped over partially in mid airon the front row then soaked the bass amp...... oh well i'm not perfect..... iwas trying to hit mark mcgrath.