From: Dustin

May 12, 1999
Stanley Performing Arts Center
Utica, NY

Last night was fuckin awesome, First I must say
frogspond Fuckin Rocked!!!,Any guys out there check
out the bassist :) damn, Well besides that Fastball
was surprisingly good, Ya know they played their 3 big
songs the way, Out of my head, And Ended with fire
escape some other stuff wasnt so bad but then the main
event was up GOO GOO DOLLS!
They did that kick ass intro, And came flying on stage
and as soon as i see them i notice 2 things, what the
hell happeend to Robby, Broke his leg!!!,I guess he
did it in cincinati, But then I see john playing and I
taped the show and if u listen you hear a pop welll
one of johns guitar strings broke, It was funny, Like
during the breakdown part he went and got another
guitar, Then they broke into long wayt down, then
slide, And u could barely hear all those damn girls
screaming for johnny as a guy u know it sucks to go to
a concert and hear teen age girls screamin for some
hot singer when they dont give two flyin fucks about
the music...sorry back to the review
Another higlight was when John Told the Name story not
many people got alot of the stuff they talked about
but when he said go eat a bag of shit everyone was
cheerin so loud it was great, Well those were the main
highlights, I hope everyone gets to read this, I will
let world of goo to put up my show, It rocks, Its
pretty cool, I also got frogspond set and
fastballs!But here is the setlist from the goo as i
Long Way Down
Another Second Time Around
Lazy Eye
Bullet Proof
Black Balloon
January Friend
Flat Top
Hate this Place
Burning Up
Two Days in February

There are some i left out probably