From: Jess

Towson Center
Oct 22, 1999
Towson, MD

At about 1:00 we left even though the concert didn't start till 8:00 and i lived ten mintues away... My cousin, whom was driving us, had to stop at Towson Town Center(the local mall) on the way their so my friend and I decided to go over to this Hotel across the street just to see if the goos were staying there... we weren't gonna stalk them or anything - we were just curious... so we were over there looking for the bus and we decided to eat. We sat outside for a while when all of a sudden my mom's best friend walked out of the hotel on to the patio we were standing on!!!... that may not seem liek a big deal to you all but it was to me cause I wans't supposed to be at the hotel!!!... We had to book it outa there and I dont think she saw me - she is the type that would appraoch you if she thought you were somewhere you weren't supposed to be!!.....

So we went to Towson State and met a bunch of roadies/ security guards and became good freinds with them!!! (hi Jen) I had spent $60 dollars on presents for the goos, and I really needed to get backstage to meet them so I told my story to a bunch of the people and this really nice girl Jen said she would try to help me if I wrote my name, my sn, and how the goos knew me on a piece of paper, so I did... she said she would show it to Johnny when he got there and would try to get me back... when the goo's bus arrived all these annoying yelly girls were screaming so Johnny kept on walkin...Jen went in after him and came out about five minutes later saying that Johnny had reserved two tickets and backstage passes for me and I could pick them up at will call- I almost died!! So in between the four hours till will-call opened me and my friend went up to get some food at the vending machine and there was a door open. This door led to the balcony of the arena and the goos were doing their sound check. Johnny saw me; I waved and he nodded back so I figured he didnt mind that we were in there. ... it was fun... johnny sang "slide" but he made up all new words - very cool.... eventually we got kicked out by security cause they were closing off the arena so we were forced to sit and wait outside in the cold until will call opened - very will call FINALLY opened and there were tickets but no backstage passes....

So i went to the stage door to get jen and tell her when Robby walked by... I grabbed him and explained the situation- I was the girl from Rockline that they gave tickets to before and Johnny was supposed to get me passes to make up for the fall through in backstage passes at the last concert... he said that he had to run to the bus - he'd be right back and would help...Robby was gone for a good half and hour... but in the meantime Dave walked by I said "hi dave i'm googoo4j" he said oh my god - he looked at the bag of presents and said "is that the stuff?" i said "yeah" he said "wow - cool... ill be right back" - he never came back at least while i was there ( i got kicked out but i'll get to that later) ...about ten minutes later Robby got off the bus and said he would go let Johnny know i was here... about twenty minutes later Johnny walked by - i was so in shock i forgot to talk and he kept walking...he walked right next to me about ten minutes after that to get to the bus and i said "Hey Johnny" he said "hi, how ya doin?" and kept on walking - he seemed in a rush...he walked by me again about 5 minutes later and me - being a COMPLETE ABSOLUTE RETARD - forgot to tell him who i was and just watched again... that was the last time i saw any of the band before the concert cause this woman kicked me out - she said she would give my presents to the goos though.. thats the closest i came to backstage....

Like I said before I talked to, whom I thought were a bunch of roadies, but it turns out most of them were in the mp3 bands.... It was really funny cause I talked to this one guy for like a half an hour, and I was telling him about my goo stories and stuff like that... He said "So I take it you are here to see the Goos"...I said " Yeah but I'd like to see Tonic, i like their music - they seem cool" He was just smirking and nodding at me when I said that - I didn't get why he was doin it... until... Tonic got onstage - HE WAS JEFF - - THE LEAD GUITARIST FOR TONIC!!!!! I almost died !!!! He saw me in the crowd I waved and shrugged yeah laughed and nodded!!!..... Tonic was great by the way they put on an awesome show!!!!

Finally the goos came on - trumpet sounds - WOW!!! is all i have to say. They were soooo on - vocally, and instrumentally!!! This was my third time seeing them and they are so great.

During Dizzy Johnny's mike either fell or broke - I couldn't see at that point some huge man was blocking my view!! so he didnt sing half of the first verse - they kept playing the song there were just no words cause Johnny was getting his mic replaced... It was really cute though - he was cracking up the whole time.... and during Lazy Eye some girl in the mosh pit started bleeding - he stopped the song just to make sure she was alright, then he let her sit on the side of the stage for teh rest of the show!!! I thought that was so nice of him!!... They never finished playing the song though - that sucked cause it's one of my favs., but oh well, what can you do?... The stories Johnny told were great ( he told the bsb dream and this mastarbation story).. he also told this joke that all the girls loved - it goes something likes this - This woman won the lottery and she went home to her husband and said "Honey Honey I won the lottery pack youre bags!!" He said "Where are we going?"... and she repleied "No where - get teh F*#k out!!!!"

They cut Hate This PLace which is my favorite song, but they were so amazing I really didn't mind that much!!! The audience was pretty good too - Johnny even said " Wow this is the first audience in a while to really get into it - thanks so much - i miss that!!" (or something like that anyway)... So it was a great show , and I technically I met my babies which made it all the more the better!!!