From: Anmari and Joanna

November 10, 1998
Phoenix Theatre
Toronto, ONT

Before even getting to the Pheonix Joanna and myself saw the Goo Goo Dolls at Much Music and met them at Edge 102!(local radio station). At the Edge Johnny and Mike were so nice and so cool but I would have to say that Robby was the coolest. We talked with him the longest about the songs they were going to play and other stuff and right before he was going to leave he gave us a couple of his bass pics!!! We also talked to Johnny while he was in his limo about his hair and he though it was really funny when we asked him to play James Dean at the concert and he started to laugh :) hee hee.

When we got to the Pheonix the line was pretty long but we still got to stand about 6 rows back and the Pheonix is a small place so that was pretty damn good!

The concert was wicked from the moment they started with Dizzy to the last note in Two Days in February. All during the concert Robby was staring us and other people down and him Johnny and Mike were having such a great time on stage and putting on such a good show.

Not a lot of people at the concert were even jumping so that made us stand out even more cause we couldn't just stand there while the Goo Goo Dolls were on stage. At one point during Long Way Down it was pretty quiet so Joanna and I screamed and Johnny laughed! A couple weeks later we saw it on a Music Show and you could even hear our scream!

When they came out for the encore Johnny had this huge towel wrapped around his head. When he through it into the crowd me and another friend of mine caught it right away. Then a bunch of people jumped us for it so Joanna helped get it back. I got pushed from the towel but Joanna and my other friend fought until we got a piece of it. The bad thing was that we weren't fighting with other teenage girls for the towel we were fighting grown men! One of those idiots even got thrown out of the Pheonix by security.

The concert was coming to an end and Johnny and Robby were playing Two Days in February. Joanna and I decided to yell for Johnny to play James Dean and when we did Johnny laughed and he looked so cute!

The next day on the radio we heard their interviewer talk about how excited we were and she also said that the band had mentioned it too and were happy! We were so happy when the Goo Goo Dolls came to Toronto and we hope they come again soon. They are our favourite band and the nicest guys!