From: Becky

November 10, 1998
Phoenix Theatre
Toronto, ONT

Hey, I went to the goo concert in Toronto. And let me tell you it was amazing. Totally wicked. Me and a couple of friends got there really early, due to the fact that I was dying to meet John, Rob and Mike. The opening band Athanaum was walking around like right in front of us, but we didn't know who they were. We were trying to get some info to where the goo's were, so we asked some guy, and it turned out he was the Manager for Athanaum, which was really wicked. So we were talking to him for like 10 minutes. Found out the goo's weren't even there yet. Wicked. There was still hope. It was a couple of hours before the concert and it was raining and the weather was awful, and suddenly I see this limo coming down the road. Of course I become a major freak and start jumping around. My friends wanted to kill me, they have no goo spirit. Anyways, out of the limo pops my beloved musicians. First came Mike and Rob, so I got the camera out, and told them how awesome they were a! nd how much I enjoyed their music. They kept saying thank you and waving. I love them. And now the phenomenal part. Rob went to the side of the building for a smoke or something. And John comes out talking on his cellular phone. I did one of those fan things "oh my goodness its John". And so I thought oh great, I am not gonna get a picture cause he was far away (other side of the limo). Well Rob and Mike went inside and John was walking towards the door and I yell out " hey John can we get a picture" and being the awesome person, he is said some words to me......ah.....and came down and I ran up to him and wrapped my arms around him, and never wanted to let go. I was squeezing him pretty tight, I mean wouldn't you? I remember saying to him "I hope I don't break your ribs" So my friends got around him and my buddy took some pictures, with my arms around him and his arm around me. I just kept telling him how much I loved him and their music. It was wicked. And the! concert hadn't even started yet. Wicked luck or what? Now I was on like the highest cloud in the world that you could possibly get on. The concert was amazing too, I was in the front row, Athanaum opened and they were good, even though you couldn't understand a word they said...So they played for about an hour and we were chumming up to the bouncer/security guy, and my friend got a guitar pic and I got half of a drumstick. So I stuck it in my pocket so no one would swipe it. And then the goo goo dolls came on, and it was the best 3 hours of my life, standing front row looking at all of them. We got splashed on with sweat and water and everything. They played tonnes of songs, I knew them all so I sang right along with them. There is so much more to say, but too much that it can not be typed. I just want to thank them all for such an awesome day that I will never forget, and to the funny guy with the hat, who came out of the limo and snuck in the picture. Thanks for! reading this.......