Toronto, Canada - Molson Amphitheatre
July 17, 2003
From: Liz

Of course, it was the best show yet. We planned our summer vacation around this show and it was a family affair...the hubby and kids came along. We had two lawn tickets and two 100 level seats (but not together). I had a pretty good feeling that if I led the way, they probably would not ask my daughter to see her ticket, and I was write. So, we are in the 6th row on John's side and Mike Decaf notices my daughter and the shirt she had said "Little Goo Girl". The guys come out on stage and Amphatheater security starts pointing at me and waving for us to come up. I thought we were busted because my daughter was on my lap...then I noticed Decaf was waving for us to come to the rail. We ran up and security lifted my daughter over the rail and had her stand on the platform that the security guys use to stand on or reach into the crowd. It was amazing. John talked on some girl's cell phone for a while and discussed how lucky everyone was to be Canadian. They had the same set list as the other Bon Jovi shows. Someone in the crowd through up a stove-pipe hat (Cat in the Hat hat with a Canadian Leaf on it). Later in the show, John came over and asked if we wanted the hat and he through it to us. It was sooooo coool! But when their set was done, Amphatheater security made us give it to him. I was really angry and was not going to do it until he threatened to take my camera away (he made me put it away about 10 minutes into the show - I probably should not have brought my digital). He said that It belonged to someone else and that I was lucky to have gotten to move up. He was a major jerk! O'well, not going to let that ruin my night. We got great smiles and points from both John and Robby and Jason through a pick right to my daughter. It's weird, it doesn't even say Goo Goo Dolls on it....guess Jason's are just different. Anyway, they sounded great, as usual. Nothing really different from any other BonJovi show, except it looks like they get even less use of the stage than in the spring. Noticed the John chewing gum thing again. Mike Decaf even gave it to John just before they sang slide. It looked like he gave him Trident, the kind that is packaged like medicine is (sorry...hard to describe). Big kudos to Mike Decaf for being sooooo cool! I will post pictures a little later!