Tinley Park, IL - Tweeter Center
July 11, 2003
From: Amy

Ok, first, Tweeter! We got there close to 6pm and said hi to friends that were already in line, then we went to the back of the long ass line. It moved fast though, we were in in no time. We went to find our seats and I was waiting for this girl I had met in Charlotte to get there. She had scored me a fifth row center ticket. We headed down to the fifth row. But instead of stopping at the 5th row, we just go on up to the rail. So we were right in front of Robby on the rail. The Tweeter show. What can I say? The Goos played for almost an hour. I don't exactly remember the setlist, but it was pretty similar to the winter shows with only two Robby song--whhhhaaaaahhhhhh. John was really talkative. I think after the third song, he said that he usually doesn't drink for big shows, but he'd had quite a bit to drink. He asked for a cigarette and someone threw him a pack of Virginia Slims, he said he wouldn't smoke one of them. A lot of other people threw packs and he ended up with one. The sound was not great at Tweeter, it seemed like the mix was kinda off. The drums were really loud to me. OH!! And from where I was, I could see Mike peeking out underneath his cymbal while he was playing--very cool!!!