From: Inge

December 31, 1998
Fiesta Bowl Block Party
Tempe, AZ

The Goo Goo Dolls ringing in 1999!!!!!!!

After being totally bummed a few weeks ago when the googoo dolls appearance in arizona on 12/5 was cancelled, I was thrilled to find out that they were going to be the main attraction at the annual Tempe Fiesta Bowl block party, ringing in the New Year. Now being the old woman (but young at heart, 36 years on paper, 25 in mind) that I am, my husband and I hadn't been out in a few years, and finding a babysitter for our little girls (3 and 5 years old) wasn't easy either - especially since the 5 year old is a big goo goo dolls fan and really wanted to go. So we braved the crowds and headed to the block party on New Year's Eve!

We arrived at the stage area around 9pm and the crowds were already pretty big - a local band was playing - The Pistoleros - they aren't bad, but most of the crowd was getting in position for the goo goo dolls, scheduled at 10:30pm. We spend a lot of time and effort literally inching our way forward into the center of the crowd, as close to the stage as possible , we were still about 20 feet from the stage when the KZZP dj's - the local radio station that was presenting the concert came on stage to see if we were READY for the Goo goo dolls - of course we were - more than ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So they lit the candles on these candelabras they had set up - beautiful outside, almost full moon, 55 degrees, it was a gorgeous setting - and then they came!!!!!!

Johnny was wearing black leather pants and a long sleeve velvet shirt - he wears those a lot - I love velours/velvet myself!. Robby was wearing a short sleeve shirt - and sorry don't remember more about the clothes - they went right into the setlist with 'Dizzy' and just kept on rocking - mostly the new album, also Long Way down and Name and couple I don't know yet - I am still collecting all the CD's. They were absolutely awesome live - Johnny and Robby both have great voices and you can tell that they have been performing live for a while. Robby seemed really happy , he was smiling from ear to ear - he had mentioned in a radio interview early that morning that this was to be the biggest crowd they had played to ever! He seemed to be enjoying himself immensely! Johnny seemed a bit almost nervous at first but it didn't take him long to get into the 'crowd'.

Some of the highlights - Johnny stopped the band in midsong because there must have been some chicks complaining about being squished - well if you're in the front row - guess what that's part of the act - and that's exactly what Johnny and Rob told them in pretty straight forward words - then the time a bra was thrown on stage and it was a rather huge bra - and Johnny picked it up and looked at it, and said - 'Holy Shit', and Robby appeared to be searching the crowd for the owner of it - it was hilarious. other articles of clothing were tossed on stage during the concert. I was right next to the mosh pit - quite an interesting view - didn't brave that one - and there was quite a bit of 'crowd-surfing' going on - both of these I had never seen up close before - it was a very physical concert - the music you could feel, your feet you couldn't after a while, the whole crowd jumped, screamed, danced, and the music was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The goo goo dolls seemed to enjoy the crowd.

Then right before 1999, the band left the stage and the radio station dj's came back on for the countdown - but the band and some women - I don't know if they were significant others of the band or local 'chicks' but they all came on, with champagne, and shot these confetti rocket thingys into the crowd, it was GREAT!!!

Then the Goo goo dolls came back on stage for another couple of songs, they ended the setlist with Hate This Place. Both Johnny and Robby smashed their guitars, threw some guitar picks and kisses into the crowd and it was over - the best new year's eve party ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were on and I mean ON for about 2 hours and I can only say one thing - even though I didn't get to meet them personally and I am a pretty 'new' Goo goo dolls fan - I hope to see them again soon!!!!!!! They were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so I went home with my hubby! and listened to my Googoo dolls CD all the way home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never had that much fun sober either!

Well if they come to Phoenix again I will be there!!!!!!