From: Kat

December 31, 1998
Fiesta Bowl Block Party
Tempe, AZ

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The Tacki Tiara Girls

Lori, Carrie, and I went to the show together!! We saw Johnny ,Robby and Dave the night before but did not get to talk to them. I saw Robby in the morning and gave him stickers that we all got them for their amps, guitars whatnot!! and I briefly chatted with Nathan. We got there early that we didn't even need our stupid tickets! That's when we met up with SarahJane. (and her little bro) The first act just did cover songs, but we really enjoyed them. He jumped off the stage and stood in front of Carrie and we all were singing the Violent Femmes song,"Blister in the Sun". That dude was a pretty rad guy!

Here goes the bad thing, the Doll's came on stage, and it was a nightmare as you heard. Johnny got a GOOd laugh at our groucho glasses and laugh. I threw the musical underwear up there during Slide, and he started busting out laughing while he was singing(let me remind you this was done as a joke) Then when it got to Black Balloon is when it went downhill! Just to let you know, we were in front, but it was none of us yelling stop the show! We have all been to these shows before so we had an idea what to expect.

I was a little surprised at Robby yelling at the fans! And to set the record strait, Johnny did not yell at any girl at the front ! Johnny yelled at theses assholes for pointing red laser pointers in his eyes!(which is very dangerous and could blind someone!) and some bitch threw a bottle top and hit him hard(which just really pissed him off) I agree with Carrie, Lori and Sarah, they were really rushed to perform. They did not get to relax and enjoy themselves with the crowd. This was by far the worst concert that I ever have attended. Not because of the bands fault but the fans acted like fucking idiots! Just like Stephanie, I couldn't take it anymore, so her and I got out of the front row on Iris!

I ended up fracturing my ribs and bruising them! Lori, Carrie, and Sarah all had BIG ugly bruises. Thanks to the asshole friends they had to ruin it for all of the GOOd fans! They ended the show with Hate This Place(no pun intended. lol) I will tell you asshole moshers and crowd surfers, if you go over my friend's and me again, we will throw your ass straight to the ground!(I don't give a fuck if you get hurt either!) You have no respect for us so you get what you deserve........

Kat's Pictures from the Show!


The Tacky Tiara Girls