From: SarahJane

December 31, 1998
Fiesta Bowl Block Party
Tempe, AZ

I just got back from AZ last nite and I've been reading the comments and reveiws about the Goo show. I meet some people from this list at the show and we picked our spots in the front row and stood there for over 6 hours. You can imagine our frustration when the show starts and all these people in the back (mostly guys) decide that they want to be in the front. I understand that you should expect to be pushed around especially when in the front but this went beyond that.

The first hour of the show wasn't that bad - people had just started to through shit on stage and the laser beam thing hadn't started yet. John did stop in the middle of song but I didn't hear anyone yelling at him to stop it at that point. That was at the beginning of the show and I don't think he realized how bad the pushing was. Carrie and Lori explained to Bill what happened - the Goos had a lot of shit to deal with and I don't think that what happened at this show will happen at any others.

The songs that I did get to see them perform were great - everyone looked great - I even managed to get some good pictures.

I also want everyone to understand how painful & frustrating it was to be in the front. I'm 5'4" and I weigh 100 pounds. I was pressed up against the barriers - the only part of my body that I could move was my arms because they were over the sides of the barriers. There were several times when I couldn't even breath. I could actually feel the barrier bending under me because of all the weight behind me. I have bruises all over both arms, huge bruises on both hips & both of my knees are bruised.

There were girls actually crying because they were in so much pain. The security guys were pulling people out - even guys got pulled out. After an hour, I had to get out. At first the security guy told me that he couldn't get me out - I told him that he had to get me out - I have bruises and lumps on my thigh from where he dragged me out. - I think Carrie's hand got crushed in the process - (sorry Carrie)

Robby did try to get us to smile but I shook my head no. I'm 25 years old and I've been to so many shows and concerts and this was scariest thing I have ever experienced.

I even saw Dave the keyboard player shaking his head (maybe it was to the music) but I'd like to think it was because of the massacre occuring in front of him.

I'm sorry if I bored any of you with this but I felt like I should voice my opinion.