From: Brian

December 31, 1998
Fiesta Bowl Block Party
Tempe, AZ

They went on about 10:55pm. The crowd got very ugly and they were all get crushed! Johnny seemed to be having fun at first but then the whole scene changed. People in the front row were asking them to stop playing during Black Balloon. Well, they did, and Robby said" what the fuck is the problem?" and Johnny agree with him. Robby was really angry with the fans and said" if you can't handle it , then get out" The first few rows were so crunched that you couldn't get out! I am almost 31 and I couldn't handle it!

Then people started throwing shit at Johnny.the laser beams in his eyes really pissed him off(which I can understand) It seemed that Johnny was so mad about the crowd, the behavior, and he didn't have a lot of time to do songs. They went from one song right to another. It looked like that he only changed his guitars like 3 times?!

At one point Robby and John got mad at each other. During Iris, Johnny tried to leave the stage. Robby got so mad, he was like "what the Fuck!" You could tell Johnny just wanted it to be over, but Robby was trying to make the best out of the situation.As much as I hate to say this, This was the first time seeing the Goo's. I am not sure if I would ever go again. The younger fans need to chill out and have fun.