From: Molly

Houlihan Stadium
Sep 13, 1998
Tampa, FL

Well, last night was the Goo concert at Houlihans in Tampa, and it was completely amazing, but we were a little disappointed because it seemed like they didn't play all that much, but I guess really that they did. I tried to remember all the songs that they sang, in the order they sang them and all, and this was the best that I could do. I will get my friend to confirm all this and tell me if I'm missing any, but here is a preliminary kind of set list.

Long Way Down, Lucky Star, Naked, Lazy Eye, Slide, Everything You Are, Another Second Time Around, Name, Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes, Flat Top, and Iris.

Like I said, I may be missing something, but I think that is everything. We really loved the lyrics to "Everything You Are" and my new personal favorite, "Slide", was awesome. Around the middle of the concert, Johnny took time out to introduce the band, and about a song or two later he pleaded with everyone to write him because he just never got out and had any fun, which was pretty amusing.

We were all very impressed with Johnny's purple guitar, I know I was with the one glimpse I got of it (it sucks to be short, but I'm not bitter, of course...), and he was again sporting a tank top. Supposedly, because it was the last time that Houlihan's stadium would be used, we were live on ESPN when they flipped the lights off for Goo, which is pretty cool. Honestly, I didn't get to see all that much of the concert, what with the tallest people in the universe always standing in front of me, but what I heard was really great, except that it sounded to me like the sound people had done a semi-crummy job, or it could have been that the speakers were a might junky.

And while I am being picky, I was completely not impressed with Goo's exit. They came across as really arrogant, not even finishing the last few notes of Iris and Johnny was like "Well, that's it for tonight... Bye" and they practically ran off the stage. We were all standing around for like another half an hour afterwards waiting for the rest of the concert, and I just thought it was a little rude of them to have acted so high and mighty like they had just played enough to get paid and then that was it, but then again, I am used to small local nobody bands who play their hearts out for nothing. All in all, the music was great and I would definately go check out Goo again, and I can hardly wait for Dizzy's release!

I hope this an acceptable sort of review, I'm sorry that it is a bit complainy, but I was just really disappointed with Goo's attitude, they seem a lot more humble and nicer on TV and interviews and stuff, but maybe I am just being too harsh. I really did have a great time and their performance was amazing, but to me the people playing and how the act is just as (and maybe more) important as their sound.