Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum
March 15, 2003

From: GooGooluver

Tampa LOVES the Goos!!!! The venue tonight was much more crowded than the Sunrise show last night when the Goos started. In fact, it was nearly full. All of the floor sections were on their feet as well as many people on the sides. Everyone was so into them tonight!! It was awesome and it made me feel really proud. Disneygoo and I once again, managed to get to the rail!! I knew we could do it!! We were in front of Robby this time. The Goos were great as usual and once again it was over way too fast. John did not do too much talking but did flash a few of those gorgeous smiles!! I wore my special shirt the YEAH girls made for me again and at least 30 people stopped me to ask me where I got it. I wish I had business cards on me - you girls would be flooded with orders right now!!! I only stayed for part of Bon Jovi since I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me, but it was a great show. Once again , I managed to take 3 rolls of film during the Goos set! It was a wonderful Goo filled weekend that I never could have dreamed of happening. This will definitely have to go down as one of the (if not the) best weekends of my life!! I will post some of my pics when I get them back, I don't think I will be posting all 6 rolls but I'll post the best ones!