From: Mike C. Pawlik

Private Show
Jun 27, 1996
Syracuse, NY

heh goo fans
last thursday i had the honor to attend a private goo goo doll show 
in could only get tickets through radio stations, and i 
happened to snag two. i must say it was a very weird show?

1. the goos played we are the normal for the first time in about 
three years.its been so long johnny forgot the words and made them up 
as he went along.

2. the goos added disconnected and somethin bad to the set lineup,
which are not usually played.

3. and finally, the goos played a brand new song titled 
   "thousand words". it sounds like a more rockin version of name, 
    but totally was played right before the guitar solo 
    in cuz your gone, and it looks like it may be played again, so be 
the goos were filled with over powering happiness and energy 
throughout the entire show, which i havent seen in years.even the 
show was more like a rehearsal, the changed up set list and the new 
tune made it a kick ass show, and i even got a camera in there.
well thats about it.