From: Greg

March 30, 1999
Goldstein Gym
Syracuse, NY

March 30, 1999, 8pm, Goldstein Auditorium, Syracuse University was the PHATEST concert EVER. EVER.

My friend & me drove up like 5hours to see this concert and it was so so worth it. First of all getting the tickets wasn't that easy. I called up Ticketmaster, but they were sold out. Luckly, I know a girl that goes to SU, and she just happened to have Floor G/A tickets, and she gave em to us. So we drive up early tuesday mornin'. We left at like 6am, and it was such a long trip. We got up to Syracuse at like 1pm, and checked into a hotel and crashed until like 3:30pm. We decieded we had come all this way, we might as well go over to the concert and hang around there and get really good seats cause it was G/A. So as we get there, we see a few people stanging near the bands buses, and it turns out to be robby who is signing something for these girls. So we get some pictures with him, and as it turns out, johny and mike was out there like 5 minutes before. So anyway, we asked like 10 different people where to wait to get front row. So we start the line at like 3:45, and the doors don't open till like 7pm. Soon after some other people came, but the line didn't get long until like 5:30-6.

So anyway, me and my friend take turn holding our spot in line, and the other listened to the sound check since the side doors went directly into the Auditorium. So we met some pretty cool people, but i was suprised i didn't see any REAL groupies around. All the the people that were there mad early were mostly locals. So by like 5:30, after we were pretty nice(almost half a bottle killed) we were both waiting online. I soon learned we weren't alould to bring anything in the place, and that they were gonna pat us down(unlike every other venue i've been to who don't really care(we'll this was only my second goo's concert) So that ment we couldn't bring our bottle in(and for all the kids reading this, DRINKING IS VERY BAD!) so anyway by like 6:15 we had killed the bottle between two of us, and we were feelin pretty good. I was suprised that the line was still so short. It looked like there were still only like 20 people waitin. I'm like "didn't they sell this place out, like 1500 tickets?" I'm like where is everyone. I musta been pretty fucked up, but the girls that we were chillen with next to us inline, who had been laughing at us for the past hour, were like the line wraps all aroound the school. See, all i was looking at was the line going straignt back, but when look further back it wraped all the fuckin way around the schoool. Like 1,100 people atleast. I swear i've near felt more like a dupe. But the funny thing is my buddy with me, thought the same thing. So anyway, the security guy comes around and tells how were not alould to bring camera's in. Yeah RIGHT! He's like they're gonna pat you down/ Drunk and all, we figured out a plan. I gave my friend my belt and he put the camera in his croach area. We figured they wouldn't go there, and we got lucky cause that was about the only place they didn't go.

So anyway we spent link 10 minutes tryin to figure out what this sign they put up ment. OVER THE BARRIOr, OUT THE DOOR. Finally we figured out that applied to us. So anyway, 7:30 came around, and i was the very very first one in the door. I got searched, and had enought time to go to the bathroom(i really reall had to go) and still get my front row place, since it was taken so long for them to search everyone else. FRONT FUCKIN ROW!! Dead center. Let me tell you it was so worth the drive, so worth the wait, so everything.

Damn, this is a long review.

Anyway, we got the camera in. we waited for maybe 20 minutes, and the floor got jammed pack with people. I was soo soo glad i went to the bathroom. Anyway, we were all set. The new radicals came on, and they rocked. They played 6 songs of which are posted to my wall b/c the back up girl singer gave me the song list from the floor at the end of the set along with a kiss and her towel(which later would come in handy when john sprayed us with water). Mad props..she was so hot too. 20 minutes or what seemed like forever, the goo's came on. I think they played dizzy first, my friend got the song list from them after the concert from our friend the security guard who loved us, yet still managed to fall asleep during the goo's performance with ear plugs in his ears.

Anyway, let me tell you, this was my second goo's concert(the first being z100 jinlge ball) and this concert kicked ass in a whole new way. Don't get me wrong, we had like 20th row floor seats for the jingle ball, but this concert besides the fact we were front row, were all goo fans, and it just was awesome. Anyway, reading someone's else review, the girl next to us did give johnny that sign, and that was funny shit. She didn't make it, someone behind us had throw it up, but she was holding it for like 10min, and when he took it and read it, i was cracking up. Anyway, they played 11-14 songs, i can't remember, i was really drunk, but they were all so good. We got some great pictures, with flash and all. I am gonna try and scan them in and you can post them on the site. Also if anyone has seen a blue UCONN hat, i'm still lookinng for it. J/k Actually during the concert, johnny took my uconn hat, congratulated uconn on winning it all, (GO UCONN!) and tossed it into the crowd. i'm pretty sure johnny was drunk too.

anyway, so i lost my hat, but my friend snaped a picure of jonnhy holding the hat up. So anyway, besides getting pushed up so very hardly against the railing from the hundrend of ppls behind me, it was so fun. After the concert, i got a t-shirt, and a sticker.

AFTERWARDS, we hung out by the goo's bus, with about 20 other ppl, cause it was still like 11, and we had a hotel room. We all waited thinking the goo's would come out, but we left at like 12, and they didn't come out. anyway I can't wait for the next one in atlantic city, then asbury park! I don't think i'll ever forget this concert, and it's gonna be hard to top. I've got so much stuff we got off the stage, that would last me forever. I've got two guitar picks that johnny droped one, and gave me the other. nice pictures, my song list, and of coarse my ticket. Anyway, this is my story of one awesome night, sorry if this was mad long, but i had so much to say.