From: Laura

March 30, 1999
Goldstein Gym
Syracuse, NY

We got in line about 5:30 and people were already lining up, by the time that they let us in around 7:30 there was a huge line going around the block. While waiting in line the backstage door was off to the side of us. Apparently the singer from the New Radicals got locked out and couldnt get back in and had to walk through the crowd. However, when we noticed Johns dog taken out from the backstage door, it had no problem getting back in since there was a pass on its leash! Very cute.

The Goo's came on about 9:30, started with Dizzy and ended with the "mean" version of Two Days In February. This was my fifth time seeing them, and their set list was pretty much the same as it has been. (with the exception of There You Are missing) I was directly in front of Robby and had a great view of everyone except Nathan. There was a lot of interaction with the crowd. Someone in the audience made a sign that said "If you see this guy, beat his ass with a baseball bat" with an 8x10 picture of John from high school. He took it up on stage and showed it to the crowd. There were a lot of yells asking "is the drummer single?" - think Mike looked a little red! John said Mike was single, and when he heard shouts for whether Robby was single said he wasnt allowed to discuss Robby's marital status. John also began saying how a lot of the audience's older brother and sisters probably used to listen to Iron Maiden and Dave sang "Run through the hills, run for your life".. it was very funny. And of course, a few bras got thrown on stage, after which Robby said it was very flattering that girls throw their bras on stage, but if you really think about it, they are just throwing their dirty underwear at them, to which John replied "shut the [email protected] up!".

Overall, it was a great show, the hour and a half just seemed to go by too fast!