Sydney, Australia - The SCG
October 7, 2002

From: dizedude

The best day of my life so far.On sunday 6th october me and some other goo freaks waited all day at sydney airport hoping to catch the goo's on the way in from brisbane.At 5pm they marched off the plane.I've never felt so much excitement about anything in my life.My legs launched me off my seat from which i had been sitting on for 9 hours.I walked up to the man of the moment n asked him to sign my guitar.Robby and mike had vanished to who knows where. I also got a nice pic of john and me.After i was done he was mobbed by a few other people.My legs were wobbling really really badly and i felt sick in the stomach from shock.I had dreamt about this moment for years and i never thought it would happen to me. Me n my buddies quickly ran down some stairs hoping to see robby and mike.It was our lucky day. I also shook mike and robby's hand and got individual photos. It was the best experience ever and i'll never forget it.