From: Carina

February 17, 1999
Enmore Theatre
Sydney, Australia

well this review is being typed up almost a month now after one of the most awesome concerts i've ever attended in my life. The first Australian performance of the Goo Goo Dolls was at Sydney's Enmore theatre and the event totally rocked my world :)

My cousin and i were unable to get into the front row but we found a spot right near John's mike in the second row of people. The support act was Bachelor Girl and they did a most impressive job of pumping up the crowd and entertaining the audience that had packed out the tiny little theatre. After Bachelor Girl left the stage the crowd became restless and started to inch forward closer and closer. What didn't help was this very irritating noise that was being played (recurring over and over and rising in pitch) as well as the pulsating strobe they had flashing in our eyes and on top of all this those eerie organ noises, this just totally freaked out the audience into a form of slight hysteria then **BANG** the Goo's come out running with Dizzy.

Now i was unable to obtain a copy of the set list but i know the songs that they DID play from Dizzy Up The Girl are Dizzy, Slide, Broadway, January Friend, Black Balloon, Full Forever, Iris, Hate This Place. Other songs which the Goo's played included Name (without Johnny's Name story which i really wanted to hear) Long Way Down, Burnin' Up, Naked, Impersonality (all from a Boy Named Goo) then from Superstar Car Wash they played Fallin Down and at the very end of the concert they closed with 2 Days in February (from Hold Me Up)

I'm sorry if this is a tad vague but i can't remember which order they came in if anyone can help me out please write to me ([email protected])

All in all the guys played above and beyond all my expectations, the only small downfall was that the music sometimes overpowered the lyrics and for most people (who don't happen to have all of their older stuff) trying to listen to the words was a bit difficult. The lighting was great and very effective and it definitely appeared that the guys were having a goo(d) time.

Robby made it as clear as possible that he was enjoying himself, he would always have a huge grin on his face and would always smile at you. John was also smiling and it was clear that he was pleased with the audience participation and reactions to the songs he played. Mike was a bit hard to see (all the way up the back) but i saw him laughing and smiling too so he was having fun as well.

Thank you Goo Goo Dolls for coming to Australia, make sure you come back down under soon!!!!!