Sunrise, FL - Office Depot Center
March 14, 2003

From: rzezniksangel

Now I didn't have quite as great a view as GGL....but I DID get a few smiles out of John and a couple of times he pointed at me when I held up my "I'm here for GOO" sign. I was a little upset that he wasn't wearing the wristband I gave him last night at the bar, but it's okay, the smiles and acknowledgement made up for it. (I'm sure it's not too easy to play a guitar with something like that on your wrist all the time). So anyway....the setlist was incredible. I took 2 rolls of pictures of them from my seat. I'll be going tomorrow morning to get them developed. There just was not enough GOO to go around tonight. Everyone in the section I was sitting in was really cool....and the security woman right by me told me that if anyone tried to tell me to sit down during the Goos she'd take care of it for me! The boys were extremely energetic tonight....which made me very happy. During Bon Jovi's set Jason was walking around in the crowd....I tried to snap a picture, so we'll see if it came out. Decaf Mike was wandering a bit by where we were sitting too....looked like he was looking for someone... But all in all I had an awesome night....Now the goo withdrawl i cry until the Goos come back down here....**sigh**