Sunrise, FL - St. Pete Times Forum
March 14, 2003

From: GooGooluver

The show was great!! It was nice to meet Disneygoo and Gooneygoogoo at the show. The Goos were awesome!! We got really lucky - we had 6th row tickets and we got to the venue really early. We were kind of roaming around and checking things out to see if we could move up closer. Well, I won't say how but I will say that we (Disneygoo and I) ended up on the rail directly in front of John!!! AND HE WAS WEARING THE NECKLACE I GAVE HIM!!!! He told me he would wear it and he did!! I was so excited to see him wearing it, that was really awesome. I thought they played a great set but just like everyone else said, it just went by too quickly. I got a couple of GREAT John smiles. He read my I'M HERE FOR GOO sign and also when he put on his bandana, I held up a big 11x17 picture of him with the bandana on. He got a kick out of that. Decaf Mike was nice enough to give me one of John's pick's that he threw. It was very sad when the Goos left the stage I felt sad for the rest of the night. Bon Jovi was good. They do put on a good show and Jon is quite a perfomer. He must do a lot of aerobics!! He does a lot of jumping around. I did not know a lot of the songs because I have not followed them in a long time but the old ones were great. The 6th row seats for Jovi were perfect. I have to honestly say, though, it's going to be hard to sit through that show again tomorrow night. I'm sure I will be leaving early. I have to say I heard nothing but very positive things about the Goos from everyone I spoke to at the venue. That was very cool.