From: Jaime

April 28, 1999
West Palm Beach, FL

Well, it started out by my friend Shannon and I getting to the concert 4 hours early. At first, I had one reserved ticket (thanks Olga), so Shannon and I walked up and asked if we could share a seat, of course she said "no!" so we walked behind this fence which was fairly far away. But then Shannon looked over and said "Hey what are those people doing! They are walking in and sitting down without a bracelet, so if they can sneak in, we can!" So we walk over and "sneaked in" to get 4th row center seats, thinking we were the coolest thing since Kraft cheese, to later find out those were not reserved seats! LoL, so I open up my poster, which I am so glad I made for this concert, it read "I'LL KISS YOUR ASS 4 A BACKSTAGE PASS!"

We went over to this little gate by the stage and everyone backstage who saw it was laughing! The Goo Goo Dolls tour bus driver came up to us laughing and started talking to us for a while, and then Nathan saw our poster and came over. I got a picture with him and I was so excited to meet him! A little later, one of the people backstage came up to me and Shannon (he was working for some newspaper) and took a picture of us with the poster! As more and more people came up to the gate, Mike came over. He laughed at the poster and I got a picture of him with me, and I had him sign my "Hard Rock Cafe" pin because I told him I would be there tomorrow. (To find out it was canceled because Johnny got ill :*( )

So I completely missed Lee Nestor's performance, but sat down in time to watch Dovetail Joint (they rocked!) and then to see the Goos! Right in the middle of opening with Dizzy, Johnny came over by our side of the stage and said into the microphone to himself "ILL KISS YOUR ASS 4 A BACKSTAGE PASS?!" and he laughed. Nathan kept noticing that I knew all the words to every song and kept laughing at the poster I was holding. (I'll probably get a lot of good pictures of Nathan!)

As the concert was ending, Shannon and I stood up on the chair holding the poster, and Johnny saw it again, laughed and threw us his guitar pick! It was kind of an off throw and since it was night, it would have been hard to find, so a very nice guy I was talking to during the concert took his lighter to help me find it. As I picked it up and screaming with excitement, a big muscle man right behind us, opened up my hand and grabbed it from me! I said "that's theft give it back! Johnny threw it to us!" And MEAN muscle man said "I play the guitar I need it" then shoved it in his pocket, and left to never return! I was so angry, well I guess that's what happens when you are really tiny, every big guy is mean to ya! :P And Shannon and I were extremely pissed because during the concert when we were standing on the chairs, he asked us to sit down because he couldn't see, so we did, and then I could barely see (being I am very short and having a tall woman in front of me) and then he takes the guitar pick from us!

But on a good note, everyone who read the poster laughed, and everyone from the Goo Goo Dolls read it, I was excited to see them in Orlando to see if they remembered me, but sadly the show was canceled, so maybe when they have the make-up for the concert, they will remember me and maybe I will get that guitar pick! I had a great time at the Gooey concert!