From: Steve "Big Daddy" Wright

The Beaumont Club
December 8, 1998
Kansas City, MO

Tuesday December 8 1998 found the Goo's in Kansas City, Mo. The venue was the Beaumont Club, which was actually nothing more than a medium sized country bar. Yee haa buckaroo's.

I was standing outside when the Goo bus pulled up and caught a glimpse of Johnnie and Robbie as they snuck in the back door of the bar. After a while they started the sound check and a few of us snuck in to catch Broadway before security kicked us out. After sound check Johnnie and Robbie walked right out the front door of the bar and i just happened to be standing there. I jumped in front of Johnnie and wished him a belated birthday and gave him a little gift, a book (Girlfriend in a Coma-Douglas Coupland). He seemed very genuine and thanked me a bunch of times. I was so psyched cuz this was my first time meeting Johnnie that i didn't even notice Robbie standing there. UGHHHH. As they were walking away Johnnie turned around and yelled "hey thanks again". Hahaha. It was cool.

Well back in line i did meet some cool goo fans Tabi, Lisa, Melissa, and Jess. Doors opened on time and i found myself in the front row. Awesome!!! I also met Kat at this time. She was really cool and just as beautiful as everyone had said. Frogpond opened up and they were really great. Go see em if a get a chance. Those young ladies can ROCK.

Well finally the lights dimmed and the strobes started spinning and then Dizzy exploded!! That is the perfect song to open with. The set list was pretty much the same as every other review, but i wouldn't change a thing. They sounded great, but there was not much contact with the audience. No Name story, no throwing the towel, very little comical banter with the audience. " Let's all take turns on the mechanical bull" -Robbie. Johnnie seemed to be pissed off the whole show. Kind of like lets play these songs and get the hell out of here. This is just my perception. I guess even rockstars have a bad day now and then. But this took nothing away from the performance of the songs. They sounded incredible and really rocked!!!!! After 2 days in feb. Johnnie took some aggression out on his cheap strat all by himself and just busted the shit out of it. It was in six or seven pieces , springs flying everywhere, WOW!! Unfortunately i wasn't able to get a piece of the busted guitar, a pick, a set list, naddda. So i climbed back in the car and drove four hours home to rest up for the next day, Goo show in Columbia, Mo.

The Blue Note
December 9, 1998
Columbia, MO

Wednesday December 9, 1998 was a very chilly evening standing outside the sold out Blue Note Club in Columbia, Mo. I glanced accross the street and saw Nathan at an ATM machine, hahaa, it has got to be cool to be able to walk around like a normal person before the shows. Every guitar player should have hair like Nathan. Frogpond opened up once again and i liked them even better this night. Same set, but I was more familiar with the songs. Once again, these ladies ROCK!!!!!

The crowd was so incredilbe at this show. Columbia is a college town (university of missouri) and you could really tell it (Hi Butch, Lola, and Erin). I have never seen anyone mosh or crowd surf to Name or Black Balloon. After Name Johnnie said "I have never seen that kind of reaction to that song. That is wierd. Not good or bad, just wierd." . The crowd got so crazy a couple of times Johnnie asked everyone to watch out for one another and make sure no one gets hurt. It looked like everyone was getting kicked in the head. Hahaa.

Everyone in the band was in good spirits and appeared to be having a blast. On this nite i realized how good Mike really is and how much he enjoys his job. He is one bad Mo Fo. Robbie and Johnnie both had the same clothes on that they had the previous nite. Hmmmm. Very casual. Kat had a birthday sign for Johnnie and he seemed to really like that. Another outstanding rock and roll show.

What more can ya say. I have finally come to realize that i will never become best buddies with the Goo's, they will never know me by name, never have me over for beer -n- brats, i'll never run naked through a field of daisys singing showtunes with them, they'll never ask me to play in the band and hang out on the bus, BUT...............i do have Goo cds, promos, audio and video boots, television appearances and live performances, autographs, and memories. Ya memories of 2 days in December, 1998. That will be inside me forever. I will never forget it or any of the people who helped make those two days incredibly special, whether they were there in body or just in spirit.

LONG LIVE THE GOO!!!!!!! Kinda corny but oh well that is just me