From: Emily

Humphrey Coliseum
November 8, 1999
Starkville, MS

The MSU (Starkville) GGD show was AWESOME!!! I went with one of my best friends, and she's now an even bigger goo fan. Our seats sucked!!! We had like, the worst seats you could get. We were in the uppers section, which was definetely up, and we were on the far left side. We could still see the stage mostly, but there were speakers blocking our view of the drummers. So, we stayed there for the mp3 bands and Tonic--they are cool man!! Tonic did all there released songs and a few others, about 9 in all I think. They were better than I thought they'd be. So, Tonic got off, and it took about 20 minutes to set up for the goos.

Then, the only good thing about our seats was that the goos were waiting on the side I was sitting at to come on the stage, so I was able to see them standing there and they seemed to be talking about the stage b/c Johnny kept pointing and stuff. So then it gets dark, and then lights start flashing and dizzy starts. They ran out on stage and everybody was cheering and screaming. We could see everybody but Mike from our seats; we stayed there for the first two songs, then since security was very sparce, and there were a lot of empty seats on the upper section, we moved to the middle of the upper section so we could at least see the whole stage. It was soo cool! They had soo many lights and the background kept changing, they would drob different curtains and all that. They all sounded really good! Johnny sang great and so did Robby. I loved Slide, I was jumping up and down like a, hmm, like a fanatic, hehe.

They did pretty much the same set of songs they've been doing on tour. Cuz You're Gone was fantastic! It was my favorite part of the show! It was soo cool to hear that song in concert...the 1000 words interlude was soo pretty. Johnny did a great guitar solo, and I love the words to 1000 words. It was awesome! Everybody on the lower section and the floor was being crazy, but Tina, me and two other people were the only ones even standing in the upper section. hehe One of the mp3 booths gave out little bottles of bubbles, so we blew bubbles during black balloon, and I saw somebody throwing black balloons around. Robby did 2nd time around, that is my fave Robby song! Name was great, they all were. Of course everybody freaked when they started playing Iris...people pulled out their lighters, and everybody sang. I sang every word to every song, so my throat was feelin good.

A lot of people left after Iris, so Tina and I went down and took some seats on the lower section, which was much better! (I was soo jealous of those front row people!!). Oh, they did Just the way you are too. They did 2 days in February last and we left when it was about half over to go look for their buses...which is another story. First though, Johnny didn't talk much, but they did seem to be enjoying themselves. Johnny told a Ricky Martin joke, and he and Robby introduced the band, but they didn't say anything funny. Johnny did this little game with the crowd. He'd strum a chord and then we'd clap, he'd strum we'd clap,etc. Then he got faster and faster, then he didn't do it, but we all clapped, and he said "haha, gotcha. I couldn't resist it" hehe. OH, his guitar solo in Naked was GREAT!! I loved it, man it was great...we had bad seats, but that didn't stop my GOOd time.

So anyway, we left during the last song and we went outside to where the mp3 buses were. The first guy wouldn't tell us where they were, but the next guy did. So, us and four other people took a 'shortcut' to get to the other side of the collesium. We had to run down this little ravine thing, nearly breaking our necks. But when we turned the corner we were in the back of the building and there sat the Tonic and GGD tour buses! There was one security guard and he wouldn't let us through. So fortunately, there was this little bridge thing that we could walk up and basically we just walked over the security guy and right down to the buses. The Tonic guys were just walking around amongst the 40 or so fans and and talking to everybody. The bass player, Dan Lavery, came up to me and Tina and we introduced ourselves, he asked us about the show, where we were from, that kind of thing; I told him that their web site is very cool, hehe, I didn't know what else to say. So we got a picture with him. Then we waited for the goos to come out.

Finally,John came out and there were 3 security guys around him, and two blocking the crowd from swarming to him. He signed some stuff for some people, but we were all crowded in such a small area that I couldn't even see him, and he was only like 5 feet away! He waved down to us when he got on the bus and then that was all of Johnny. Then Robby and his girlfriend came out, he signed some stuff, then Mike ran out, waved and got on the bus. Then they left and that was it. I almost got to meet them, heehee, one day... I had such a great time!