98.7 Star Lounge Private Show - Hollywood, CA
April 11, 2003

From: Adam

I was lucky enough to win tickets to the Star 98.7 private show with the Googs. It was pretty amazing, as they played in front of a small crowd of about 100 people in a Hollywood lounge setting. Ryan Seacrest, from American Idol, was hosting the show live on the radio. There was dialogue between Johnny and Ryan after nearly every song. John talked about his two pet cats, who are named Sofi and Bob after some old couple from his childhood neighborhood. He also mentioned his desire to relax after the tour, with no desire to take a vacation because he travels so much while touring. When asked how the band is able to get along while on the road John said, "We just get drunk and then everybody is friends". When asked, Johnny also spoke of his daily fitness regimen, joking that he had a personal trainer. He said he has cut weight by not sitting around drinking beer and eating pizza all the time, like he did while making a record. Of the 5 shows I've seen, this was by far the most entertaining.