From: Collene

December 14, 1998
The Heartland
South Bend, IN

Heartland in South Bend roared to the moon last as Goo Goo Dolls took the stage. It was a 21+ show, which makes all the difference in the world! The annoying surfing, hostile moments, and juvenile anticks were a distant memory and everyone was kicking back, drinking a Miller product and bopping their heads to Frogpond. The opening band deserves some major recognition as the BEST opening band act I have witness, EVER. They are worthy of heading their own show and, after a few more more months with Goo, could do just that. Sources tell me Goo's want them for the summer part of the tour(after The Stones). Cross your fingers.

John ran out with the strobe lights flicking and every woman in the front (except me) showed him their....assets. I've never seen anything like it. Sad thing is he was too busy concentrating on the song to notice the breast-haven. For name he pulled a chipper blond girl up. She 'whispered in his ear' that she was drunk and really didn't know the words. John took full advantage of his touching oppurtunity and lead her to his back and told her to just give him a massage while he sang. She, instead, wrapped her arms around his neck, one hand on peck. She looked to be in absolute heaven. John shuddered "Woooo" as he was strumming and moved his guitar 'out of the way' to suggest a bit of excitement on his part. It was completely hilarious!

The energy and enthusiasum(can't spell) of the show was all that one could ask for. The guys were thrilled to be there and so was the crowd. I have NEVER heard as much noise from a crowd, even at the Columbus, OH show, as I did last night. The guys' commented on it and when John messed up on...I FORGET! I forget which song he muffed up, but he did mess one up and he laughed, told us to shhhhh and finished the end.

Nathan played like a master and let me tell you that before the show, Nathan was just strumming around Mike joined in on the drums....OH MY GOD! Those two could be a band in itself. Nathan has magick fingers that disappearred because he was playing SO fast! Mike, well, he's just the GOD of drums. It was a great jamming session. A small note about Dave. He played Chopin during sound check and it was awsome. He also played some other classical and ladies, this man will melt you soul in a second flat! He's the reincarnation of Mozart!

This show was incredible, from Frogpond to 2 Days in Feb. GO to your local record store and get Frogpond's last album, Count To Ten, and watch for their new one in March or April. They ROCK HARD! As for Goo Goo Dolls, they just can't get any better than perfect and, after last night, I'd say they've reach that status. God, I love getting Goo-ed! We'll all miss them while they're in Japan and Australia, but you have to admit, sharing such a mind-altering and fantastic band form the states with the world feels pretty good.