Sioux Falls, SD - Washington Pavililion of Arts & Sciences
August 17, 2003
From: Amanda

I got to the venue around 5:00, and I think the Goos had already done their soundcheck. I walked around the venue once, and when I turned this one corner, I noticed three people at the end - and one of 'em looked like Mike! As I got closer, I realized IT WAS! When I passed him, I said, "Hey, Mike!" He was tossing something in his hands and replied, "Hey, what's happening?" Not long after, I ran into three WOGers! (Hi, ggddancer, AGooNamedTie, and Hailey [sorry, I don't know the spelling]!!! You guys rocked!) We caught a bunch of glimpses of the guys going back and forth from their buses and into the building before the show and right before their set. Robby and Mike never saw us, but when John finally stepped off of the bus, we waved, and he waved back (after he finished yawning, poor guy). The show itself was AWESOME. Their set included 'Cuz You're Gone w/ 1000 Words AND We Are the Normal, so I was very happy! John and Robby were constantly pointing up at various people in the balcony and smiling a ton. Greg was smiling a lot also (I had a poor view of Jason). John commented on some girls that were the "human setlist". They each had a shirt with a song title on it. There were around five of them at least, I think. Another girl in the front row had a sign, and John took it from her. It said something about that she'd camped out all night for these seats. He said that that was a true fan - did she have a tent? How did she pee? 'Cuz he had to pee right now, but he wouldn't until after the show! She asked for a hug, and he got down to give her one, plus a kiss on the cheek, I think. I don't think the band said much else, but they sounded GREAT. Flawless. Robby hopped around the stage like crazy. LOVE that. Unfortunately, no messed up lyrics or solos this time around. However, they did start a false intro into "Black Balloon" and had to stop. Mike made an exasperated sound on the drums (if that makes sense) before they started again. I got Mike's setlist after the show! Woo hoo! Less than 50 fans waited for the band afterwards (the venue only held 1,800 people!). Greg and Jason walked across the street, and Greg did stop for a photo. Robby and Mike eventually got on one bus and later, John on another. John did wave at the crowd before getting on, and a zillion cameras went off. Several minutes later, both busses drove off.