From: Shannon

July 23, 1999
KNDD Radio Show (invite-only)
Seattle, WA

I attended a private show (invite only through a radio station) in Seattle on Friday July 23rd 1999. The Goo Goo Dolls were absolutely wonderful and were quite personable. There were only about 50 people or so in the room that the radio station had set-up as the "top secret" location and no one knew where the show was going to be held until they got to the radio station to pick up their tickets. Soon we were all gathered in the lobby and began to smell incense burning and then we heard the sound check taking place. It was so cool to hear this happening through the wall because no one knew what we were in for on the inside.

The radio station had everyone go to the studio at noon and at 12:30pm they revealed (as if we had not caught on heehee) that the show would be taking place right there. We all went into what looked like a conference room but was turned into a cool showcase room. The lights were all off or were turned into red lights and then there were lots of candles and of course incense burning throughout. They had placed three chairs in the front of the room and we were all told to sit on the floor and get comfortable. I got to sit front row and everyone was on his or her best behavior.

When the DJ came in to announce the band arrival everyone went wild. None of us knew this was being broadcast live and believe it or not, some of my co-workers were listening to (I got my invite to the show in the 11th hour and had to get to Seattle within 30 minutes!) the show and could tell which scream they thought was mine.

Johnny, Robby and Mike walked in and everyone just sat back and welcomed them as they were interviewed by the DJ for a moment. Then they played "Slide" and when they finished that song Johnny decided to start telling jokes with Robby helping to 'egg him on'. It was great. They got the crowd to roar with laughter with their antics and then they went right into playing "Black Balloon". That of course was just as wonderful. Then they teased us by saying that they were only going to play two songs but then decided to go ahead and play "Iris".

When they finished (they played three songs for us) they discussed the charities they are involved in and did it in a comedic way, even though the issues are not comedic. The way they came across showed how much they care and believe in what they are promoting. It was an insight into their feelings on many subjects.

The best part of all is that they let us get photos with them and shake their hands. I do not know if other people tried to get hugs or what, but a nice handshake from some really nice guys sure gives you a boost in the hospitality of mankind. To think of all they have seen in the world and all they have done or been involved with, to see them up close and feel 'welcomed' into their world is a pretty nice feeling.

Thank you to the Goo Goo Dolls for the lyrics, the music and the chance to let us fans say thank you for touching our lives in the way you have.