Seattle, WA - Key Arena
April 15, 2003

From: Kristi

Seattle Show Was Great! Hey everyone...long time no see! Just thought I'd say a quick hello and let y'all know that the Seattle show was great! I sure missed Robby though! The guy that filled in for him had good energy though so it kinda made up for it! I could tell that John didn't quite know what to do with himself without Robby. It looked like he was trying to get in as many songs as possible which I totally appreciated! I had better seats than I thought I would which made it even better. I told my mom was close enough to see how white John's teeth were, but we all know those things could light up a dark room Anywho I took some pics with my digital camera before the batteries died in the middle of the third song so I thought I'd post a couple real quick! John had a hat on and his hair in the front is so long that it kinda stuck out and did this flippy thing, it was funny as hell! I think this might have been during Dizzy. Umm I wanna say this was taken during Slide or Name but I'm not positive. Songs they sang in some kind of order:

Think About Me
Black Balloon
Big Machine
All Eyes On Me <-----Absolutely Incredible
Broadway (had a cool little sax thing in the middle, very nice)

I think that was it! All I can say is I was so happy they sang All Eyes On Me I love that song and it was mind blowing live! ~Kristina