Seattle, WA - Key Arena
April 15, 2003

From: aceybird

I'm still on a Goo high from the Portland/Seattle shows. Got home last night and crashed cuz had to come back to the real world bright n early today. Missed Robby big time but wanna make sure he gets better. GOO vibes to ya Robby! And Johnny WAS amazing. All the guys were great and made sure we were gonna have a rockin GOOd time. The only thing I would add was that right b4 the start of the Seattle show, there was a curtain to our right and there was enough space between the floor and the bottom of the curtain that we could see people's feet walking around back there. I spotted Johnny's shoes so I knew they were about to start. We could see him make his way to the edge of the curtain and we were all ready to wave but right as Johnny peeked out from the curtain one of the "pirates" just happened to step right in our view line. Darn IT! We were crackin up on that one. We had such a kick ass time, can't wait til we can do it again. Tracy