From: Nichole

May 26, 1999
Youth Center
Scranton, PA

I would like to tell you about my goo story. A friend and I went to see the goo's at the Youth Center in Scranton, PA. Unfortunately due to the fact that we had school, which we could not miss we were not able to get there early to meet the goo's. We will just have to wait till next goo experience!!! (Watch out!) Well, now let me get back to tell you what happened. We got there at about 6:30 or so, an hour before the concert. We had to find a place to park then go get something to eat. By the time we got back it was 7, and it was time to go in! We got stickers, shirts, necklaces before we went in. They searched our purse and found a camera so we didn't get any pictures. (just wait till next time they wont do a bra check!) We walked in and found that this place was smaller than out high school gym! The seats were somewhat empty so we found a spot since we wouldn't be able to see on the ground if we weren't up front and there was no chance of getting up front.

Fastball took the stage and did a great performance!!!!!! Then we had about a 20 minute break and the lights went out and BOOM! Goo's come running on stage and break out in "Dizzy." The crowd went wild! Robby was his usual barefoot and Johnny had on Adidas pants a muscle shirt which was toped off by a cowboy hat! All I have to say is he looked lucious !! The audience appeared not to know any songs beside "Iris", "slide" and "Name." Those were the only songs that they sang to, but me and my friend were another story! We almost lost our voice because of singing to ever song, which included, January Friend, Falling Down, Lazy Eye, Long way Down, Bullet Proof, and many others! I was a bit upset that they did not play my favorites "Up Yours" and "Only One." The crowd laughed at Johnny's stories and I like the one about his niece and the Backstreet Boys. I wish I was in the front row to remind him of the "Name" story. This concert was the best! I cant wait to see you guys in the Finger Lakes!!!!