From: Mark

May 26, 1999
Youth Center
Scranton, PA

Humming......Rumbling......Lights....Strobes...... Louder....Even louder.........Yes......its..... THE GOO'S!!!

The boys came out with a blinding redention of "DIZZY", powered their way into "LWD" and after that, I knew the crowd of 1800 was in for a special treat! The Scranton Youth Center was rocking as Johnny, feeling rather cowboyish, in baggy, red pants & a Goldberg red and black T-shirt, strutted his way across a small stage on a balmy night in NEPA...Lights blaring, ams cranking--The Goo's were delivering the rough,tough sound that REAL Goo fans know & love! There was something different about the Rez man tonight...could it be? Ah, yes! A straw cowboy hat secured tightly onto his famous dirty blonde locks, never to come off...

Never fear>>> A new, revised set-list:
Long Way Down
Full Moon Forever
Falling Down
(Harlious Band Introduction)
Black Balloon (complete with fans & balloons)
Flat Top
January Friend

Burning up
2 Days in Feb
Hate this Place
"Quit Whining" song??
Goodnight---Whail the guitars!

Both Robby & Mike seemed to be good spirits, especially Robby, who eariler told me his knee was indeed, badly dislocated in Cinci, but felt ok Nathan roamed a bit to make up for Rob's immobility---Dave was his usual perfect self... Oh yeah---Mike still owes Jonhny $20... Body-surfing was kept to a minimum, with obvious concert-ejection being the penalty, so may you be warned..

Specail news direct from Robby:

New light & sound/stage show for the summer tour! The band s planning plenty of extra surprises next month so if you haven't seen them lately, don't miss it!

One thing I couldn't figure out was why in the world Johnny absolutely refused to take his hat off---the gals were crying to see his perfect locks! All in all, a great show...Can't wait to catch them @Darien Lake 8/21!